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In a previous blog I wrote my first part of the brief history of silver,  in this article I am continuing.

Click on the link to read part 1: The history of silver part 1

I got up to the ancient Greeks who defeated the Persians in the famous battle of Salamis and thus established a lot of security for Athens which produced the conditions for the rise of Athenian culture e.g. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle which of course impacts the foundations of modern western culture.

The Athenian silver mines in Laurium provided silver for many centuries and then later they were followed by silver mines in Spain which the Romans used and which played a key part in the ancient Asian spice trade.


A Roman bridge from Rio Tinto in modern Spain. Spain was the centre of ancient Rome’s silver industry.

Image source.


Some Roman silver.

Image source.

Other ancient civilizations elsewhere had their own silver industries with their own silver jewellery and objects.



An ancient Chinese silver tiger.

Image source.

Aztec silver.

Image source.

Later on the Spanish themselves with the reconquest of Spain and Colombus went on to send armies to central and south America where they found silver mines in countries such as Bolivia, Peru and of course Mexico. It was this Latin American silver which accounted for the overwhelming majority of world silver for the next few centuries between the 1500s to the latter part of the 1800s, until the advent of major silver mining in North America.

– Jahan


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