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I have posted 27 blogs so far this month, and this will be my 28th.

This is my second busiest, or as I would prefer to call it “most productive”, month after February 2013 when I wrote 35 posts all of them a minimum of 300 words.

See: 34 blogs in one month

However for all those aspiring bloggers out there who aspire to be successful (not that I am amazingly successful….yet) my advice to them is that there is no secret or short cut besides hard work. That hard work entails regularity in blogging.

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Regularity becomes normal…irregularity becomes abnormal.

Whenever you do something at first, it is a bit difficult or strange, maybe some discomfort is involved, some exertion. However the more you do it the less difficult it becomes until it becomes very easy and then….until it may even become strange if you don’t do it. This is what I have found.

In the past there would be months where I did not blog at all, so for example from August 28 to December 17th last year I did not blog at all. This did not seem particularly strange as I was doing other things.


if I don’t blog for even a day, I feel strange as if  I have neglected something.

This is evidence of the power of habit, the power of regularity, the power of doing something so frequently that it becomes normal and perhaps even strange or painful if you don’t do it.

Regular, daily blogging with good content is what will get your blog to be read by tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands (not yet at that stage, just over 118,000 hits so far) or even millions.

What’s the big deal?

“Hey, what’s all the fuss and big deal about blogging?” you may ask. “Surely it’s just a bit of fun”. Yes you are totally right. However though it can be a personal outlet for people to share their feelings and experiences, it can also be something which helps the average Joe, the small guy compete in an ever more increasingly competitive world. We live in a world where we may no longer be able to be so complacent about getting money all the time from regular jobs, and will need our own space in the cyber-world to promote ourselves and what we do. There are many bloggers out there who get more visitors than websites of small or even medium-sized companies, showing the power of the web in allowing you to access and spread your message to readers all over the world.

Later in the future when my site hopefully has millions of visitors (now it has 118,000 hits) I will point back to this article to stress the importance of hard work and regularity in getting millions of people to read your blog.



Have a great day everybody and to all you bloggers out there, keep on having fun and keep on blogging!

– Jahan


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I am back!

I have been on a break from my blog due to working on various other projects and commitments but now I will be posting more regularly. In February I wrote 35 blogs and quadrupled my traffic from 42 to 168 hits a day.

On the week ending January 22 2021 I had 42 hits per day and then 4 weeks later on the week ending February 26 2012 I had 168. See the image below:

A quadrupling or 400% increase in traffic within 4 weeks.

A quadrupling or 400% increase in traffic within 4 weeks.

 To read more about that month, February and all my blogs there please click on these links: 1:  Target 34 posts for February. 2: My first 10 blogs in February. 3: My second 10 blogs, i.e when I reached 20. 4: I wrote 5 blogs, each 300 words +, in one day. 5: 30 blogs done, with 4 left and one day to go. 6: 34  blogs written, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Now due to lack of blogging, remember CONSISTENCY IS VITAL, my traffic has gone done as you can see in the image below. I am currently on 262 hits per day this month, whereas I was on 313 in April

 Now success comes about through three things and they are namely: 1. Hard work. 2. More hard work. 3. …and more hard work. Providing you are working hard on something which will actually produce results and not merely waste your time. If I had kept on my February work rate of an average of over one blog per day (I wrote 35 blogs in 29 days which is 35 / 29 = 1.2 blogs a day) and quadrupled my traffic every month it could (nothing can be guaranteed except for death, and some say “taxes”) look like this: End of February: 168 hits per day. End of March: 672 hits per day. End of April:  2,688 hits per day. End of  May: 10,752 hits per day. End of June: 43,008 hits per day. End of July: 172,032 hits per day. End of August: 688,128 hits per day. End of September: 2.7 million hits per day (i.e. 2,752,512). Would that have happened? As I said, there is no guarantee that it would have happened, but however would my traffic have gone up immensely, we can safely say almost certainly. The real world does not work as mathematically neat as the scenario above. There are always ups and downs and nothing is predictable, however my traffic would definitely have increased a lot. Why am I saying all this? To prove the value of hard work. You only get what you put in. Input = Output. Work hard…and then work hard….and then work hard. – Jahan Choudhry

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I have completed 21 blogs out of my total of 34.

The deadline is the end of the 29th February. A special day in more ways than one!

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I therefore have 3 days in which to complete 13 more blogs, which will go down to a number of 12 after completing this blog. Let me just remind you of a few things.

Why am I doing this?

The reason I am doing this is to demonstrate the principle of hard work. That nothing comes from nothing. To be successful you have to work hard. What differentiates “achievers” from “non-achievers” is essentially hard work.

Also blogging is a verifiable way of finding out if I have indeed “worked hard”, because you can see it online.

Why 34?

34 is a doubling of the number of blogs I did last month which was 17. I want to increase my productivity by 100%. I have already seen the results and that is not even a doubling of my daily number of hits, but a quadrupling. Below is the evidence.

Penultimate week of January had an average of 42 hits a day, the week just gone had an average of 168 hits a day, an increase of times four, showing hard work does pay off.

How has my progress been so far?

To be honest I am not happy and I have underperformed. I like to be honest and “call a spade a spade” as we say. I had set myself a sub-target of 9 blogs a week, which I have failed to do! This however was just merely a means of attaining the overall end goal which was 34. However things should be accomplished in a comfortable and systematic way, a smooth way as opposed to uncomfortable, hectic and haphazard.

Do I think I can achieve 34?

Yes, I think, I can but I have left it very late, which shouldn’t have been the case. However it is not just about achieving a number, which anyone can do, but also about producing quality. I want to write quality articles which will be meaningful to people and help them in some way. Anyway let me now start writing my next blog which is about “self-accounting”.

– Jahan Choudhry

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