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Business start up exhibition in London

Last week I attended the Business start up exhibition in Earl’s court, Central London. The event was packed full of people of all ages, backgrounds, male and female and with business from a wide variety of different sectors. There were under 300 organizations present in the exhibition with their stalls including:

– Advertising companies.

– IT companies.

– Estage agencies.

– Law firms.

– Governmental bodies

– Media companies.

– Construction firms

These included globally recognized names such as T-mobile and Vodafone.



It also included organizations with a presence abroad or based abroad such as Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona city council


There were also over 140 seminars and included well-known speakers such as James Caan, famous in the UK from the BBC television programme “Dragon’s Den”, which involves people with business ideas presenting their proposals to a group of successful millionaires.

James Caan, millionaire investor, writer, speaker and business mentor.

Will King, who was made redundant over 17 years ago and then went on to create a successful shaving company despite the huge competition and which has made millions. He also wrote a book “How to Build a Great Business in Tough Times” which was the no.1 business book being sold in Whsmiths (one of Britain’s main bookshops) in September 2009.

Will King, who successfully launched a multi-million pound shaving company selling millions of razors.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angel’s Den, Europe’s largest equity funding firm helping wealthy investor, “angels” to provide financial support to people with great business ideas, as well as co-founder Lois Cook.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den, also a business lecturer in universities with years of exerience in working in finance in the city of London.

Lois Cook, an experienced business coach and co-founder of Angel's Den.

 Chris Cole, founder of www.makeitcheaper.com (a site to help businesses save money by finding the best deals) who delivered a talk on “From 0 to 70 million in 10 years”, sharing information and advice on how to be successful in business and some of his experiences.

Chris Cole, founder of Hydrogen, a recruitment company which went from nothing to being floated for £70 million.

Rachel Elnaugh, another business person who appeared on the hit BBC show, “Dragon’s Den” was also present there and spoke to one of my friends.

Rachel Elnaugh, who started a company at the age of 24 from nothing which went on to becoming a multi-million pound success.

There were also politicians and members of the government there to deliver seminars and provide information. Below are some of my pictures taken with my mobile from the event. I will also be writing in more detail about some of the seminars I attended.

– Jahan Choudhry

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