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An internet friend of mine, Debbie Loesel Stanton is starting a new and exciting way of blogging. As far as we both know the way she and her blogging colleague Eric will do this is a first on the internet and as we all know you can pretty much find anything on the internet so for this to be something unique really is quite something.

Debbie calls her new method “flexibility”.


What flexibility means is this in Debbie’s words:

“Story Squared is a story blog: one continuing story with two writers who will add a little bit to it daily or almost every day. Even the authors will be in suspense, because we won’t know what the other person will write.”

This is very definitely an interesting approach to creative literary writing online and I am definitely looking forward to it. If Debbie and Eric are indeed the first people to do this online then they will be pioneers or even inventers of a totally new genre.

I will keep you all updated.

Debbie’s blog is: http://sunshinefactor.wordpress.com

Eric’s blog is: http://volutedmind.wordpress.com/

and together they will be writing on http://storysquared.wordpress.com/ when it’s up and ready for public viewing.

I wish both Eric and also Debbie over there in her lovely St Paul, Minnesota good luck!

St Paul, Minnesota

St Paul, Minnesota

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