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I have finally reached a number of 5,ooo contacts on my facebook list.

5,000 people on my facebook list.

 It has taken me over 18 months to do this. It is not an impressive feat and anybody can do this. It however can be very useful if utilized properly, and you use facebook effectively. There are  many people who have done this and there are various ways it can be done. 1. You can join actual facebook groups where people want to be added by lots and lots of people. Some of thesegroups however tend to attract a lot of teenagers and others, so sometimes lots of pictures of them showing theirphysique or looks. 2. You can join other type of groups, post messages, get to “know” or be familiar with people there and then add each other. 3. Other methods. Now, let me make it clear and just to reassure you. Yes you are right, I do not know the vast majority of these 5,000 contacts. In fact I use the word “contacts” as opposed to friends to make it clear they are not friends in the normal sense of the word or give the impression that I know them personally. The vast majority of people on my list, also added me rather than me adding them. Is this because I am some awesome charismatic guy, with something “special” that attracts people to me. NO. There is no difference between me and you. As I said in a previous blog I knew someone who was 20, had never been to university, did not even have a proper job and got 5,000 “friends”/contacts in a far shorter period of time than me! Why did I add 5,000 people? 

 First of all when I say “add”, to repeat I did not actually add them as in make a request which they accepted, rather most people requested to add me, but however I did accept their offers, thus that’s why I mean by “add”. However that was only after I had initially added 1,000 people who were mainly mutual friends of others in online business networks. After the initial 1,000 lots of people started to make requests as I had lots of their mutual friends. I wanted to create this list so that I could utilize it for social media e.g. my blog. How useful has facebook been for you, Jahan? It hasn’t been that useful. I like to be honest, plain and not engage in false boasting. I believe that in the long term honesty is the best policy and I also believe that if you lie and give others falsehoods, you will in turn be lied to. One of the main reasons I wanted to add people to my facebook is so that they would read my blogs. Out of the 5,000 facebook contacts only a few people read the blog. However that is not important because one should never be desperate to be successful but happy and accepting of what comes. However I believe a large facebook list is very useful and I have not effectively harnessed it. The fault lies with me! 

Bill Gates, a man who got rid of his facebook account.

 Image source. Not everyone needs facebook. Not everyone is missing out on facebook. I would not like anyone to mistakenly believe it is the ultimate “cool” thing which everyone should have and are missing out if they don’t. However have a large list allows you to do a number of things.   1. Share interesting information or picture with lots of people.2. Learn and benefit from lots of people.3. Promote whatever you are doing. I have however not been able to do as much real networking and making real connections with people online as I would like to. Quality is more important than quantity. It is better to have a few hundred business contacts on facebook whom you have a more serious and meaningful “friendship”/relationship with, then thousands of random people. So facebook is good, however there are other forms of social media which are in some ways far more potent including: Youtube.Myspace, facebook allows you a maximum of 5,ooo “friends”, with Myspace you can add hundres of thousands.Blogging, a good blog can attract tens of thousands of visitors a day and can help you earn money.Twitter. 

To summarize, I have finally got 5,000 people on my facebook list. I do not know the huge majority personally, but I enjoy seeing their comments, funny pictures, wise quotes, advice and so on. It is not an amazing achievement and anyone can do it. If you have any questions please, please ask. Thanks for reading. – Jahan Choudhryjahan_choudhry@hotmail.co.uk

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