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Hello everybody,

I am planning to change from wordpress.com to my own hoster. Now what does this mean in simple English for those you of who are not familiar with any of this. Let me explain in this blog which is primarily meant for people who are not specialists in this field and want an easy to understand, plain English explanation.


WordPress.com is a company, a website where you can start your own blog for free. They are great in a number of ways. For instance you get a back end where you can see statistics of how  many hits and visitors you are getting each day. You can also put tags. “Tags” are little words that you insert after the text of your blogs. So for example if your text is abour “apple pie”, then you can put a tag “apple pie”, so people who use Google can find your blog using those words. Of course it is not that simple, depending on how good your popular is you may get lots and lots of people coming using the word “apple pie”, if you have a great and popular article, or you may only get a few.

Apple pie.

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What is a great blog article?

That leads us to the question what is a great blog article? The answer is “great” is up to each person to decide. You, yourself may read a blog which you think is truly fantastic, but only three other people may have read it. However in terms of a popular blog with lots of hits. It is usually one which is good quality, relatively long (a couple of hundred words) or if not has a powerful message, joke, picture that draws in a lot of people. For instance one of my most popular blogs was much shorter than others but it was about the new year, a happy 2012 for everyone, click here to read. Since this was something very relevant and topical to people at the time and there was an image saying Happy 2012, I got a lot of clicks. So you may get something which incidentally or entirely unplaned is a “one hit wonder”. However that is not my strategy and I do not advise others to rely on deliberately trying to create blogs merely for the sake of being popular. Instead concentrate on quality and consistency and you will eventually get a following, if your content speaks to a lot of people and is of interest. My blog at this time is not that popular in comparison to others, though on the other hand it gets 3 times more hits than someone I know who charges professional consultancy on how to run a blog, who by the way is actually a great guy but busy with many other business projects.

There are other things I could mention about wordpress.com, but maybe at a later date or if anyone has any questions.


If you get a wordpress.org blog from the beginning, though you have to pay there are some big differences.

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For instance you can have adverts and banners on your blog. As it stands now, at the time of writing, I cannot make the following banner, link to my jewellery site, www.goldsher-jewellery.co.uk. What I mean is if I had a wordpress.org blog or another website whereby I owned the blog people could click on the banner below and instantly go to my jewellery site.


On WordPress.com you do not own your content but it belongs to WordPress.com, whereas WordPress.org everything you write is your own material. There are disadvantages however on WordPress.org which include having to take care of your own internet security e.g. safety from hacking and not being able to generate traffic in the same way as you can when you are part of wordpress.com. What that means is if you are with WordPress.com, they help you to generate traffic to your site via tags and their own internal advertising to other bloggers. WordPress.org means you have to do everything yourself.


However one of the other key differences is plugins. Just as an Iphone allows you to download anything from thousands of different applications, wordpress.org allows you to install software programmes called “plugins”, which are almost like applications but for the blog. There are all sorts of plugins doing all sorts of different things.

Iphone offers thousands of applications you can install on your mobile.

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If you click on this link you can see all the different plugins wordpress.org provide: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Right now I am trying to change over, and there were a couple of hiccups. I already have an account with hostgator, but hopefully within a week I will complete this process. However I am prioritizing writing blogs to completing the move as my target is 34 blogs for this month, and this is blog no.3 and 835 words long. Please ask any questions you may have.

Thank you.

– Jahan Choudhry


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