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This is part 2 of how to use windows movie maker. To read part 1, click here.

In part 1 I spoke about:

a: How to open movie maker.

b: How to upload videos in to it.

c: How to put pictures.

If you have no idea how to use movie maker you should really read part 1 before you read this. Anyway here I will tell you how to add music to your video.

In most windows computers there should be a sample video pre-installed. Go to the folder which says “Sample videos”

Click on this folder.

Click on this folder.

My sample video is a wildlife video, yours might be the same or might not but double click on it regardless and it will go on to your video.

Double click on the video with a left click.

Double click on the video with a left click.

Your video will then look like this, on the right hand side (see the orange yellow) you will be shown your video.

You now have the sample video clip in your movie maker.

You now have the sample video clip in your movie maker.

If you like the music in this video, fine. However if you want to change it, first you can silence the existing music by going to the edit button and turning the sound off as shown in the picture below.

The orange arrow shows the "Edit Tab" which you click on first, and the blue arrow shows the sound control which you reduce to 0.

The orange arrow shows the “Edit Tab” which you click on first, and the blue arrow shows the sound control which you reduce to 0.

Now that there is no sounds on the video, to add music you click on the “Add Music” icon as shown below.

To get music click on the icon shown.

To get music click on the icon shown.

Once you do that you will get a menu with a range of options including chosing a music file from “AudoMicro”, “Free Music Archive” and also “Vimeo”, you can click on any of these and then look for a file which has the sound or music that you want. Or you can go and chose a music file already on your PC. Once you do that you have the video clip and music for your new video and hey presto, you have your video!

A pop up menu appears with different choices.

A pop up menu appears with different choices.

As Hollywood would say “THE END”.

Looking for audio files/music to put in to your videos.

However what if you cannot find the music file you are looking for?

Well there are different ways you can find them and download them on to your computer.

One of the easiest is this way is to go to Youtube and look for a file that you like.

For example you can type the words “Relaxing music”.

Type in the name of the song or type of music/sound you are looking for.

Type in the name of the song or type of music/sound you are looking for.

When you have chosen the video you like, copy and paste the URL i.e. the webpage addresss which would look like this for instance:


Then go to http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

Type in the URL (address of the webpage i.e. youtube video) you like anad click on “Convert Video” and then after a short time you will have a new audio file (sound only, no pictures) of that youtube on your computer which you can then put in to your videos.

After pasting the URL, click on "Convert Video".

After pasting the URL, click on “Convert Video”.

I hope you have found this useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great day!

– Jahan

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Youtube videos are a great way of promoting yourself or your company as long as it is not excessively commercial. For an example of “excessively commercial” I mean an advert where you give your number at the end and encourage people to pay you certain sums. That would be seen as blatant and naked commercial misuse of Youtube by the company themselves. If however you wish to, for instance, have endorsements from other people, or just a promotional video there seem to be plenty of those on the internet.

Youtube videos get far more traffic than blogs.


There is simply no comparison between the sort of traffic that Youtube videos can get and what blogs get. We are talking a difference of literally millions. I know a couple of highly successful blogs, which would probably get under a million hits a year, whereas on youtube if you have a hugely successful video you could perhaps get millions, even perhaps in days if it is very successful. I am not talking about your average promotional video or advice video, in this case it wouldn’t able to videos trying to promote your business. The sort of videos I am talking about are usually for entertainment or may touch upon a very controversial or provocative topic and led to it being shared on facebook and twitter. In the UK for instance one controversial video received millions of hits in a few days, as it showed a woman in a tram in Croydon, South London in an angry outburst, please click this link to read more about this.

The following video for instance though just over 2 minutes has attracted more hits than famous videos by the likes of U2 or other major names, (at the time of writing 7.3 million hits).


So in terms of promotion, texts and meaningful texts will often attract more traffic (but not necessarily, I have read a lot of high quality articles by very intelligent people on WordPress for instance which comparatively get no readers, due to lack of promotion). Texts with pictures will attract more traffic than texts without them. Videos will attract more than blogs with pictures. The majority of people prefer to  be more visual than to read. So here is the hierarchy.

  1. Text gets you some traffic.
  2. Text with pictures gets you more traffic.
  3. Videos, e.g. get you far more.

These are general rules and there are exceptions. So the main message of this blog is that you should learn how to optimize Youtube. I myself have not done that as my long-term plan does not involve that and I am focusing on blogging at the moment, which I have been said to be very good at. However for others, it maybe a great idea, though I do have my own youtube channel which has some videos of personal interest to me, which I myself created: http://www.youtube.com/user/jahanchoudhry

If you don’t want to pay others to do it for you, and you are just starting off in business, then on most computers there will be the programme, “Windows Live Video Maker”, however there are other programmes such as “Adobe premier pro” or “Final cut pro”. Even if you have no experience in making videos, which I didn’t, I would suggest playing around with Windows Live Video Maker and making some videos, you can also install background sounds via Realplayer from Youtube or other sites.

–          Jahan Choudhry.

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