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I have been writing a few articles recently and I have also been sharing images and quotes which I have found from facebook contacts and so on. If you have found anything that you have read here to be useful, why not instead of keeping it to yourself, share it with others, in the same why I shared the following images from people on my facebook list.

Pool on the top of a tall building in Singapore.

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Left-right brain conflict.

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The most beautiful people we know...

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Mount Fuji in Japan, from facebook.

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F.L.Y., first love yourself...

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All of these pictures and quotes were free for me to save on to my hard drive and then upload on to this blog. I enjoyed them and they had an effect on me so I thought I would share them with my readers.

Sharing is caring.

When you share, especially when it is free, you do not in fact detract from what you have. You are in fact giving. To give is greater than to get. When you give, you will in the future recieve and with interest. This concept is central to the concept of “tithing”, which I would like to speak about in greater detail in the future. However please do not mistake this for not being very careful and prudent with your finances. On the contrary I would encourage everyone to be as conservative with their own personal or business expenditure as they can and not incur any unnecessary costs, waste money for no reason, and to go for the cheapest deal they can. “Tithing”, does not mean being reckless with the hard earned money that you have acquired.

In fact the great Warren Buffet once famously said “The first rule of investing is don’t lose money; the second rule is don’t  forget Rule No. 1.”, by this he did not just mean avoid investing in anything risky but a general policy of “cash conservation”, or being modest with money. He in fact for example advised young people against credit cards.

Please read this excellent article for more information.

Legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffet who lives a very modest lifestyle.

Image source.

Buffet the billionaire, who lives a very modest, some say "frugal" lifestyle with a simple hamburger and soft drink.

Image source.

“Tithing” or other forms of giving are not necessarily just monetary. Some of the greatest forms of giving can be in different forms for example by giving up your time to help someone, emotional support, even if  it is just a simple smile and so forth. Do not do it with self-interest in the hope or expectation that you will get an immediate reward. Do it, because it’s the right thing to do. Do the right thing, something which I touched upon earlier in a previous article (click here to read).

When you give, you get more back. Maybe not from the person you gave to, not right that time, but in the future you will recieve what you gave. This, as I said does not mean be taken advantage of, and I will explain in the future how to balance this. When you share knowledge or help others to learn and know more, you yourself in the future will learn more or be told things by other people. So if you wish to please share my articles with a simple click on a button on the bottom of my articles such as the facebook button.

A facebook share button.

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The facebook share, and other share buttons on the bottom of my articles.

When you find something which you yourself enjoy, or benefit from, you can share it and let others too enjoy, benefit from it, especially if it just involves the click of a single button.

So happy sharing, it’s free! Also even happier recieving even more after your sharing.

–  Jahan Choudhry

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