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Yesterday, the 29th of June 2012, was a great day for my  blog because it was my best day for people joining up to my site as followers as well as people liking me. A big thank you to all those who did.

Things such as this reward writers like myself for all the hard work and time which we devote to our sites.

Below is an image from my admin page.

So I have gained over 5,000 contacts on my facebook, and now over 50,000 views on my site and at the moment of writing 14 followers.

14 followers is a tiny sum in comparison to the other blogs out there, including the blogs of some of my followers, but as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

However where I am lacking is in the field of comments.

Once a blog has articles or even just one article that stimulates enough interest or even rage, joy or any other strong emotion for one person to write a comment, than the chance that someone else will comment increases. If several comment that is great but if dozens comment that is fantastic and has great SEO benefits for the blog. Hang on a minute, what did I just say there? SEO. What’s that?

Ok let me explain, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search Engines are things like Google (the most famous example), Yahoo, Ask, Lycos and so forth which help you to find websites that have the things you are looking for, and optimization as many of you will know simply means making something as good as it possibly can, so SEO means making something appear as high on Google or other search engines as possible. Hey, you got it!

Popular search engines.

 Image source. So for those of who you read what I write, and want to take a few seconds even if it is just to write one or two words you are more than welcome. As for some of you who follow my site, I will write posts telling everyone whom you are and they can go and read your site too! – Jahan Choudhry

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