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A golden egg with precious stones such as emeralds and rubies that had been stolen four years ago has now been discovered in France. It happened by chance as French police stopped a car on the French-Swiss border, due to the car looking dirty and somewhat dubious. Upon examining the contents of the car to their astonishment they found this Faberge made egg.

FAB FIND: 1 Million GBP Solid Gold Egg Found By Police

The £1 million Faberge golden egg.

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It had been stolen from an Arab-owned business four years earlier in Geneva, Switzerland.

Eggs such as this were made by Faberge from 1885-1917. The Faberge jewellery company was founded in 1842 in Russia’s second city of St Petersburg, which in the past was its capital. The founder was Gustav Faberge.


Gustav Faberge with his wife.

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faberge shop

The original Faberge store in St Petersburg, Russia.

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Faberge became jewellers to the Tsars of Russia and their families until the Russian revolution in 1917 when hundreds of years of monarchy ended in Russia with the overthrowal of Tsar Nicholas II, the last royal ruler of Russia.


Nicholas II and his family.

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There were other Faberge eggs made including one which sold for £8.9 million in 2007 in London, that was bought by the director of the Russian National Museum.

Here are some of the other Faberge eggs.


A  luxurious green coloured Faberge egg.

faberge red

A red diamond Faberge egg.

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faberge egg

Other Faberge eggs.

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Faberge’s website is http://www.faberge.com

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