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To be a successful blogger you need to be organized.

Well to be successful in anything you need to be organized you might say, yes? You’re totally right. So why should blogging be any different.

Shouldn’t blogging be fun, why so serious?

Blogging can be and should be fun.

Blogging can be and should be fun.

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Blogging should be fun and personally I enjoy it immensely. However blogging is fun and should be fun but it can also help you to pay the bills, help you to pay for things you want to buy your children. How so? There are different ways to monetize your blog and this includes people paying you for advertising (which is not possible on wordpress.com but possible on wordpress.org) and things such as adsense.

However if you do not want to do that and to remain unpaid or the non-monetary satisfaction you derive from people all over the world reading what you have produced is sufficient reward in itself that is fine.

However if you want to get a lot of traffic it is better to be organized.

To do lists.

Have a to do list.

Read my blog, “when you plan you can”.

Think of topics you want to write about.

How do you think of such topics?

Here are some tips.

– Maybe a blog expanding on a question a reader had.

– Maybe on something interesting that has happened to you (if it is a personal blog, mine isn’t that personal).

– Maybe on an interesting image.

–  On a piece of news related to your blog e.g. I blog about news related to jewellery.

Then ideally set a date (I haven’t put dates in my to do list below, because I am not yet sure of my exact routine this week but I have already done 37 blogs this month but you should put a date.)

I also put a “status” column, where you can say whether the blog has been done or half done. You should also write what date you completed the blog so you can see the gap between your target end dates and your actual end dates and work towards improving that.

Read this blog which talks about the importance of targets.

So have a look at my to do list.


These are the things I will write about.

NB: Since this is primarily going to be a jewellery site I might write about some events related to the world of jewellery in the meantime.

I have a column for the task/blog (task can mean to contact someone or something technical but blog-related), then a column for the target date (which I haven’t put in this time) and then a column for status.

I would encourage all of my fellow bloggers out there to have a blogging to do list to enable them to blog more and better.

I hope you have found this useful and have a great day!

– Jahan

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Planning makes everything so much easier. I am merely stating the obvious, however it needs to be stated. There is a saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

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Now in the context of my current project on this website which is to produce 34 blogs, each of which must be a minimum of 300 words, original content from me, and useful, planning is very useful. 34 blogs in one month is a lot and it is made far easier by planning. I have failed in my sub-target of writing 9 blogs a week in order to secure that 34 with ease. However my main target of 34 can still be achieved. The reason why I have confidence in that it can be achieved is that I have…..yes you have guessed it, I have “planned”. Now when I say I have planned, I do not mean that I have a “cunning plan” as was oft repeated in the British TV series Blackadder

Rowan Atkinson (left), more famous internationally for his performances as "Mr Bean" in the BBC series, Blackadder II.

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I do not have a “cunning” plan which is inspired by genius but rather I have planned according to basic common sense, a gift which all of us are endowed with hence it is termed “common”. However common sense is not “universal sense” as some people do lack it. One example being another Rowan Atkinson character, his most famous character and the one that international audiences are far more familiar with and that is Mr Bean.

Rowan Atkinson playing the role of the character he is most well-known for "Mr Bean".

I have planned most of my remaining 20 blogs after this blog which is no.14 out of 34. I have a file with a list of all the different topics I want to cover. The whole purpose of this “34 blogs in a month” exercise is to practically demonstrate that I myself practise some of the things which I am encouraging my readers to do. It is also to show people how such things can be achieved.
For instance in my list of blogs for this month, the next two articles will be:
1. Problems are the default state.
2. The bling bling effect.
This is to prove that I have indeed got a list and am not merely claiming to. After these I have 12 more, so those 12 and the 2 above make, of course you guessed it, 14. This is the 14th blog itself and I have 28 blogs planned out of 34, thus I have 6 outstanding, outstanding in the sense that I have not thought of the subjects. However this will not be a problem because I currently have amongst other things three different books given to me by my brother which have interesting points I can share in this blog.
All of this goes to show, that “when you plan, you can”.
So plan. Planning makes everything easier. It relieves stress, makes things clearer for you, and makes things seem more practical and achievable.
– Jahan Choudhry.

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