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In this blog Iwant to talk about what can be called “self-accounting” or “accounting yourself” or just “self-accountability”, the name is not important but what matters more is the actual concept, and far more than that the actual implementation of the concept.

What is self-accountability?

In any organization, task or project, resources are precious and should not be wasted. Time is also of the essence, and in order to ensure that time and resources (primarily money but other things) are not wasted there is usually a manager or executive who oversees everything and “manages”. Managing in theory means to make sure that everyone is doing their job properly, meeting goals and deadlines. However what if you, yourself have no manager? What if you are trying to set up your own business or are an entrepreneur.

You have no boss.

That would be sweet music to the ears of many, as the very word “boss” conjures up, not so pleasant images of someone who can be difficult, demanding and not understanding. There are others however who have fantastic bosses. When you are an entrepreneur, you  have no one to tell you what to do.

A satirical but negative depiction of a "boss".

 Image source.

The pluses of that are:

– You have freedom and do not have to take orders.

– You can manage your time as you wish. If you have no day job then time management is completely up to you. If however you do have a day job, then only that time outside of the day job is up to you to manage.

– You do not face the threat of a disciplinary or a sack.

There are other benefits.

The disadvantages are:

You have freedom, but you may lack direction or a structure.

You manage your time, but you do not have anyone to hold you to account if you waste it, so it could lead to a lack of productivity.

You don’t face the threat of losing your job, but you do face the threat of not getting orders and sales, and your business going bust. The risks are greater in business but the rewards are higher.


So in the absence of any manager above you to ensure that you are at your most productive (in theory, that is what managers are “supposed” to do) you will have to hold yourself to account. There are different ways of doing that. One way is to set yourself targets (look at me for example, this month I have openly stated to the world wide web that my goal is to reach 34 blogs a day. I have said I will achieve it, if I don’t I risk great embarasssment). There are different types of targets. However they should be SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Targets), so for instance you wouldn’t say “I want my blog to get lots of visitors”, you would say “By one month I would like my blog to have an average of 1,000 visitors a day”.

Let’s deconstruct that:

SPECIFIC: 100 visitors a day is a specific number, and so is the “by one month”.

MEASURABLE: The numbers above are measurable.

ATTAINABLE: This is achievable if you put in the work.

REALISTIC: This is not something from star-trek, it can be done and unlike Star Trek it is not a case of “going where no man has gone before”, but doing what many others before you have done.


TIMED: There is a time limit.

There are other things which I shall mention in more detail in the past such as “penalties” and “rewards” for successes and failures. In any management system there are incentives in the form of rewards for those who do well, or who perform certain goals within certain deadlines. On the other hand there are penalties for those who fail. For you to maximise your productivity, you may wish to give yourself “rewards” and “penalties” for successes or failures. The ultimate failure is your business collapsing and even possible destitution, the ultimate reward is living a life of complete financial freedom, becoming a millionaire, thus have the sort of lifestyle you wish to enjoy.

Image source.

A luxury yacht, symbolic of a millionaire lifestyle free from financial worry.

Image source.

– Jahan Choudhry

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Today I want to share with you all something that a friend and associate of mine discussed a while back. Here in the UK there is a television celebrity who used to be quite famous a few years back. Her name is Rachel Elnaugh.

Rachel Elnaugh.

 Image source.

Elnaugh at a business event giving advice.

Elnaugh is a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur who started a business from her bedroom as a young woman in Scotland from a modest social background, and made it a huge success. She rose to national prominence starring in the famous British television series, “Dragon’s Den”, which is where people who don’t have much money but great ideas go and propose their ideas to a group of potential  investors or “dragons”. Elnaugh was one of the dragons. Unfortunately Elnaugh recieved bad publicity as her company went in to administration. She is however now involved in helping people to start up businesses and realize their ambitions.
One point which my friend told me she said, and is completely valid irrespective of who said it, is that problems are often the default state in business. In my own words let me elaborate on that. When ever you start something major in life, it will never go smoothly most of the time. When something is ordinary it is usually not hard to achieve and thus you are just a normal person no different from the common mass of people. However when you want to be different, for instance financially very comfortable and able to live the sort of life you want, it requires hard work and persistence, it is these two key qualities which often differentiate achievers from others.
When you start a business, you will find nothing runs smoothly. You will have all sorts of problems and difficulties from the most basic e.g. the photocopier has jammed for the 100th time and cannot be fixed until next week meaning you can’t do essential paperwork, to something far bigger such as a recession. Problems, problems, problems……sigh.
Problems, problems, problems. However the problem with this is you. Problems are inevitable and are the barrier which separates the successful, the achievers from the rest. Problems should not be expected, they should not be anticipated in fact they should be looked forward to. If you do not have problems in your journey to success it will seem less eventful, more boring and you will appreciate it less. You will grow less as a person. If you have lots of problems, which you overcome and do not make you quit, you will:
– Learn more about the world and life in general and grow as a person.
– Be able to empathize and put yourself in the shoes of others who have experienced the same, thus making you a far more substantial and well rounded person than others who have not.
– Develop confidence in yourself to deal with problems and become mentally stronger.
Problems are thus lessons, and they should be seen as part of the adventure. Let us take the example of two motorists. One lives in a picturesque idyllic town where all the roads are perfectly laid out and driving is as easy as turning on the tap. Then there is a formula 1 driver, who is driving in a grand prix. There will be many challenges, difficulties and it won’t be easy. However fundamentally he enjoys the challenge and the adrenaline. Successful people are more like the second type. By that I do not mean they are adrenaline junkies or wild. What I mean is that they enjoy what is challenging rather than resist it or shun it.
Nor do I mean that you should deliberately go looking for trouble, or for problems or for danger. If you can achieve something and there are two ways which both work, and one is easier and trouble-free go for that one. What I do mean is that do not expect a smooth ride. Realize there will be a rough ride at times, enjoy the challenges and ultimately enjoy the great rewards that lie at the end.

Highly successful and multi-millionaire formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton in a glamorous car.


Millionaire, Hamilton at another event.

 Image source.

A Hamilton smile after one of his victories, the sweat on his face also indicates the hard work he put in to win.

So there will, as I  have said, always be problems. They are often the default state. However as long as you are going in the right direction and have the right spirit you will utimately prevail and gain success.
– Jahan Choudhry

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In this blog I’d like to talk about someone whom I have immense respect for and a great degree of admiration. In fact he doesn’t even know I am writing this! So when he reads it, it will hopefully be a pleasant surprise for him. However before I do that. Let me talk about the phrase “Do the right thing”.

“Do the right thing”

Image source.

What do I mean by “Do the right thing?” In order to understand this you have to understand a little bit about me, however what I am going to tell you is nothing unique to me and something many can relate to me. I had seen in my life that often people were nice and “did the right thing” but did not seem to be rewarded for it or seem to succeed. In fact I remember going to one training seminar and airing the question “do nice guys finish last”. This was a Bruce King seminar (click here if for a previous blog I did about him). Bruce, if you have ever attended any of his talks, is a very practical person and to the point, very much grounded in reality and common sense without any excessive shpeel and so on. His answer was no they don’t and he gave reasons. I am sure all of us at certain time have “done the right thing” or been “nice” and not been rewarded for it or even in fact seem to have suffered from it. There are others out there who will say the world is a rough place, so you too must be ruthless, tough and “cut corners”.

Anthony Charles, a former mentor of mine. A great guy!

I haven’t said this to Anthony in so many words, so it may surprise him a little. However amongst some of the key things I learnt from him is that “Nice guys do not finish last” and you do not have to be “ruthless” (a euphemism for quite a few things) to be successful. Doing coaching and mentoring with him I changed. I felt more at ease with things and less critical of things if they did not turn out the way I wanted. We are all familiar with karma and the statement that “What goes around, comes around”, well I personally very much believe that and have experienced it. However for most of us that statement is for negative things, that is people will get their comeuppance for misdeeds they have commited! However what I have learnt and also experienced is this.

What goes around, comes around = is also for the good that you do.

What goes around comes around, including the hard work and positive things you do, though perhaps not when and where you want it exactly.

Image source.

Now this does not necessarily mean you do something nice for someone and you will see an immediate reward. The person whom you help may even be ungrateful to you or in fact downright nasty. Some misinterpret kindess as weakness or naivete. However  in the long run this good that you did will come back to you sometime in the future, not maybe from that person or that project but something completely unrelated. This realization helps us to remove any bitterness or resentment that we may have for not getting the respect, appreciation or benefits that we feel we are due as a result of doing something positive.

Even my voice changed, meaning the tone when I spoke was different. Friends observed that I sounded calmer, more grounded and sure of myself, which I was! This is a huge topic and deserves to be expanded on and in the future I will talk about Australian writer, Andrew Matthews, whose work I greatly admire.

However once again another thanks to Anthony. Anthony is currently working on Team Titanium, which is about helping people to develop their business skills and small businesses. I wish him good luck! Especially at a time when the UK is in recession and people are finding it difficult but also with London busying itself for hosting the Olympics in a few months. 2012 is an important year for the British economy and for London in particular including potential small businesses who will need as much help as they can. Anthony himself was involved in projects and work in the past to help regenerate and develop parts of East London, including the areas which will be home to the Olympics.

London, the financial centre of Europe, an image of Canary Wharf. Team Titanium is looking to help people deal with the recession and grow their businesses.

Image source.

The river Thames, London will be hosting the Olympics in a few months which will have an impact on the UK economy.

Image source.

The Olympic Stadium in London, as the city hosts the 2012 Olympics.

Image source.

–  Jahan Choudhry

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This post of mine (one of the 34 which I have set as a target for myself this month) will be a bit more technical than other blogs I have written. However I believe that as we are living in a more and more digital age all of us should become more and more familiar with technology and the online world. In my previous blog I spoke about how I planned to change from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, which has partially been done already as all of my blogs have been transferred over to wordpress.org and are now in my other blog: http://jewelleryica.com which in the near future will become my main site.

My Jewelleryica site.

Let me explain how to transfer wordpress.com files over to a wordpress.org blog.

What is wordpress.com and what is wordpress.org?

First of all let me just remind everybody what this means. WordPress.com is a free site where wordpress.com manages a lot of things for you, however you can not do things such as have adverts or little applications (“plugins”) which allow you to do so many things. Moreover you do not even own the site and it is still the property of WordPress.com, who if they wish to could even close your blog.

WordPress.org is basically the same in terms of writing articles and blogs, but first of all you own it and secondly you can add “plugins” and monetize your site by putting up adverts from other companies if you so wished to. WordPress.org allows you to make money, WordPress.com doesn’t.

I have covered this in the previous blog which I mentioned above. What I want to focus on now is a technical issue.

1. Click on “Tools”.

What you do in your WordPress.com blog is you go to your dashboard i.e your admin or back end. You click on “Tools” on the left hand side, just below “Users” and above “Settings”.

2. After you click on “Tools”, you then click on “export”.

Export means that you are going to create a file which stores all of your blogs and other content and which can then be transferred or “exported” over to your WordPress.org site.

How to create an "export" file.

You then save the “export file” on your hard drive.

The mistake I made, and which I do not want others to make was this. When the screen showed the words “Choose what to export”, I selected “All content” (see the image below), which though it transferred all my pictures over to Jewelleryica did not more importantly transfer (“export”) all my posts!

The wrong way, or the way that didn't work for me.

My export file was only 1,160 kb (kilobites) which is virtually nothing. I even asked my hosting company for support but they could not provide the answer. Eventually I figured out what the problem was and that was I should export all my posts step by step i.e. all the posts for each month, and it worked. Below is an image of the right way, click to see the image.

The "right" way, what worked for me. Exporting (transferring) files month by month.

3. Import on WordPress.org

You then go to your WordPress.org site and click on the “Import” button (in green in the image below) which is on Tools as well, and then after that you click on “WordPress” (in red in the picture beneath) as your importer, as you can see in the following image.

Click on import first (in green) then on wordpress (in red).

Then follow the procedures that appear on the screen. I was able to export (transfer) my roughly 60 blogs from my WordPress.com blog to Jewelleryica.In fact it is most likely that most people who read this blog in the future will be reading it on Jewelleryica.

The official WordPress webpage explaining how to do everything is here. Though it is good it did not help me with the problem that I encountered, which I am sharing with my readers. If anybody has any questions please feel free to email me at: jahan_choudhry@hotmail.co.uk

This is my 4th post in February out of a total of 34. I have 20 days left to write 30 more blogs. Do you think I can do it? Am I someone who can lead by example, talk about hard work and achieving success and actually practise it? Well we can all see, as this blog is very transparent and will allow you to see how much I am able to accomplish my targets.  Thank you for reading this 780 word blog.

– Jahan Choudhry

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Hello everybody,

I am planning to change from wordpress.com to my own hoster. Now what does this mean in simple English for those you of who are not familiar with any of this. Let me explain in this blog which is primarily meant for people who are not specialists in this field and want an easy to understand, plain English explanation.


WordPress.com is a company, a website where you can start your own blog for free. They are great in a number of ways. For instance you get a back end where you can see statistics of how  many hits and visitors you are getting each day. You can also put tags. “Tags” are little words that you insert after the text of your blogs. So for example if your text is abour “apple pie”, then you can put a tag “apple pie”, so people who use Google can find your blog using those words. Of course it is not that simple, depending on how good your popular is you may get lots and lots of people coming using the word “apple pie”, if you have a great and popular article, or you may only get a few.

Apple pie.

Image source.

What is a great blog article?

That leads us to the question what is a great blog article? The answer is “great” is up to each person to decide. You, yourself may read a blog which you think is truly fantastic, but only three other people may have read it. However in terms of a popular blog with lots of hits. It is usually one which is good quality, relatively long (a couple of hundred words) or if not has a powerful message, joke, picture that draws in a lot of people. For instance one of my most popular blogs was much shorter than others but it was about the new year, a happy 2012 for everyone, click here to read. Since this was something very relevant and topical to people at the time and there was an image saying Happy 2012, I got a lot of clicks. So you may get something which incidentally or entirely unplaned is a “one hit wonder”. However that is not my strategy and I do not advise others to rely on deliberately trying to create blogs merely for the sake of being popular. Instead concentrate on quality and consistency and you will eventually get a following, if your content speaks to a lot of people and is of interest. My blog at this time is not that popular in comparison to others, though on the other hand it gets 3 times more hits than someone I know who charges professional consultancy on how to run a blog, who by the way is actually a great guy but busy with many other business projects.

There are other things I could mention about wordpress.com, but maybe at a later date or if anyone has any questions.


If you get a wordpress.org blog from the beginning, though you have to pay there are some big differences.

Image source.

For instance you can have adverts and banners on your blog. As it stands now, at the time of writing, I cannot make the following banner, link to my jewellery site, www.goldsher-jewellery.co.uk. What I mean is if I had a wordpress.org blog or another website whereby I owned the blog people could click on the banner below and instantly go to my jewellery site.


On WordPress.com you do not own your content but it belongs to WordPress.com, whereas WordPress.org everything you write is your own material. There are disadvantages however on WordPress.org which include having to take care of your own internet security e.g. safety from hacking and not being able to generate traffic in the same way as you can when you are part of wordpress.com. What that means is if you are with WordPress.com, they help you to generate traffic to your site via tags and their own internal advertising to other bloggers. WordPress.org means you have to do everything yourself.


However one of the other key differences is plugins. Just as an Iphone allows you to download anything from thousands of different applications, wordpress.org allows you to install software programmes called “plugins”, which are almost like applications but for the blog. There are all sorts of plugins doing all sorts of different things.

Iphone offers thousands of applications you can install on your mobile.

Image source.

If you click on this link you can see all the different plugins wordpress.org provide: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Right now I am trying to change over, and there were a couple of hiccups. I already have an account with hostgator, but hopefully within a week I will complete this process. However I am prioritizing writing blogs to completing the move as my target is 34 blogs for this month, and this is blog no.3 and 835 words long. Please ask any questions you may have.

Thank you.

– Jahan Choudhry


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Business start up exhibition in London

Last week I attended the Business start up exhibition in Earl’s court, Central London. The event was packed full of people of all ages, backgrounds, male and female and with business from a wide variety of different sectors. There were under 300 organizations present in the exhibition with their stalls including:

– Advertising companies.

– IT companies.

– Estage agencies.

– Law firms.

– Governmental bodies

– Media companies.

– Construction firms

These included globally recognized names such as T-mobile and Vodafone.



It also included organizations with a presence abroad or based abroad such as Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona city council


There were also over 140 seminars and included well-known speakers such as James Caan, famous in the UK from the BBC television programme “Dragon’s Den”, which involves people with business ideas presenting their proposals to a group of successful millionaires.

James Caan, millionaire investor, writer, speaker and business mentor.

Will King, who was made redundant over 17 years ago and then went on to create a successful shaving company despite the huge competition and which has made millions. He also wrote a book “How to Build a Great Business in Tough Times” which was the no.1 business book being sold in Whsmiths (one of Britain’s main bookshops) in September 2009.

Will King, who successfully launched a multi-million pound shaving company selling millions of razors.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angel’s Den, Europe’s largest equity funding firm helping wealthy investor, “angels” to provide financial support to people with great business ideas, as well as co-founder Lois Cook.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den, also a business lecturer in universities with years of exerience in working in finance in the city of London.

Lois Cook, an experienced business coach and co-founder of Angel's Den.

 Chris Cole, founder of www.makeitcheaper.com (a site to help businesses save money by finding the best deals) who delivered a talk on “From 0 to 70 million in 10 years”, sharing information and advice on how to be successful in business and some of his experiences.

Chris Cole, founder of Hydrogen, a recruitment company which went from nothing to being floated for £70 million.

Rachel Elnaugh, another business person who appeared on the hit BBC show, “Dragon’s Den” was also present there and spoke to one of my friends.

Rachel Elnaugh, who started a company at the age of 24 from nothing which went on to becoming a multi-million pound success.

There were also politicians and members of the government there to deliver seminars and provide information. Below are some of my pictures taken with my mobile from the event. I will also be writing in more detail about some of the seminars I attended.

– Jahan Choudhry

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In my last blog I introduced you to Mr “Successful”:  https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/meet-mr-successful-part-1/  Before continuing to read this article please read that blog first.

We are going to hear from Mr “Successful” again.

Mr “Successful”

“It’s me Mr “Successful”.  Today you’re going to hear from  one of my cousins and former best friends. My cousin’s name is Dillon Gent, but we call him “Dili” for short, so he is usually known as Dili Gent. So now it’s over to Dili.”

Dili Gent

“Hi everyone, I’m Dillon Gent, but I’m usually called Dili, so people know me as Dili Gent. Nice to meet you. Let me tell you about myself.  I’m not as successful as my cousin “Mr Successful”, but here is my story. Me and Mr “Successful” are cousins and we grew up together.  I used to drink and smoke with him, neither of us worked or cared about working and lived off government money, in the US you call it Welfare payments and in the UK social benefit.  Anyway me and Mr Successful and the rest of our gang used to hate business people, and people in suits.  We used to insult them as part of our general overall diet of negative talk, moaning, complaining about life and mocking others.

The change.

Things started to change however.  Two things really happened.  My aspirations and goals changed and I wanted to earn more money to lead a better lifestyle as my best friend Sen Sibal (The name’s Indian and the pronunciation is the same as “Sensible”) who always hated Mr “Successful” and the rest of our group of friends, got a good job, started earning more money and bought a nice car.  Sen Sibal said he was my true friend and that true friends criticize each other and would always tell me to change myself.  The other thing was I had to pay some debts as well. These things made me look at how to make money.  This is the way I now do things.

I make sure I have a positive atttitude and focus on successes. Even the smallest thing is a success or a cause of  being positive, from getting a client to sign a deal with my company or my son finishing a story book with his mother, or someone merely saying thank you.  I always try to focus on the positive because life is meant to be lived happily.  However I do not believe in a “happy happy clap clap” philosophy where the sun is always shining and everything is perfect.  Far from it I do realize we live in what is some ways quite a cruel world, and people can be quite cruel themselves.  Life is essentially one great lesson in which we constantly experience things and challenges so that we learn from them and grow.  I view life as a never ending course, but one in which I always smile and retain a positive attitude.

This positive attitude makes me feel better, has led me to have better health, gives me more energy and attracts people to me.  Yes, I meet idiots and rude people, as well as cheats, but they are far outnumbered by the number of experiences I have where people are polite, helpful and honest, so I look at that more than the bad people.  I believe success is not an overnight process but is gradual.  In order to go from A – Z, you need to go through B, C,D and E first.  However whilst you are in this journey you make sure you have fun.  I like to balance my work with my family life.  When I used to hang out with Mr “Successful”, I was a womanizer and semi-alcoholic.  Then when I changed I met a girl who I used to chat with at work.  We got to know each other better and then became a couple, we got married last year.  I invited Mr “Successful” to come to our wedding but he was drunk when I phoned him and told me to get lost.  I believe in humour and always having a piece of humour every day.  It has multiple benefits such as releasing stress, giving you energy and making you see things in a calmer way thus improving your judgement.  I also take time out every day to relax, even if it is just 5 minutes in the shower or bathroom.

This 300-400 seconds of relaxation makes me feel better and releases a lot of tension.  I believe in keeping my mind strong and sharp so I also do mental exercises which improve me mentally such as crosswords, puzzles, mathematical sums, remembering numbers and other things.  I’ve found this has really helped me with my business performance in terms of analyzing things far quicker and more critically.  I also like to learn about different things and the world in general and not just be a one-dimensional person and care only about my work, I have my own stationary company.  This allows me to meet people and speak about different things including at social events or networking events and has helped me with making important contacts.

I first started with no money, so in order to create capital I got a basic job in a shop (as I had no real employment history), and worked there for 1 year.  The next year I got an office job.  Whilst trying to enjoy myself within limits, I budgeted and tried to save as much money as I could.  After two years I had about £10,000.  I decided to invest some of that, around £2,500 in shares as the returns can be greater than interest from a bank.  Before investing, I learnt about investing, reading a couple of books and learning about the sector and industry I wanted to invest in.  The money from investing was quite good.  I also sold stationary items on ebay. First starting with my “warm market” (my friends and family) and then expanding. This provided me with some money which I used to pay off bills. So I had three sources of income, my job, my investments and my ebay business.  I then found a business mentor and we worked on a business plan on my own stationary company.  I started off small and then reinvested all profits in to further growth.  My growth has been gradual, step-by-step, incremental, essentially achieved by myself (I do not believe in relying on others) and perfectly explainable, I can easily explain how to do the same to anyone else.  My growth has been totally different to Mr “Successful’s” success which was overnight, mysterious, required no hard work and was due to someone else’s generousity.  I have my own company, a house, wife and children.  I still have problems which I have to deal with, still parking tickets I have to pay, my son and daughter fighting over which TV program to watch and I’m not a millionaire quite like Mr Successful.  I have worked far harder than he has, and may never be as rich as him,  however overall I feel positive, fulfilled and a self-made person.

The secrets of my growth are:

– Motivation.

– Organizing a plan.

– Patience and consistency.

– Continuous hard work.

– Accepting failure and setbacks as a natural part of growth and something which educates me.

– Being positive and thus attracting positive things and positive situations. I also practise the 5 mental fruits a day mentioned here: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/mind-diet-the-conclusion/

Have a great day everyone”

Dili Gent.

Mr “Successful”: Well that was Dili. I no longer speak to him or want to know him.  I’m far more successful than he is, because as he said I never worked in my life and was always negative and was bitter and a hater, and then suddenly one day a millionaire businessman popped out of nowhere and said I was a great guy and instantly gave me a £5 million cheque.  So sorry Dili, you’re not even on my level!







Jahan:  This was yet again another satirical blog, stating some obvious facts.  The truth is that a lot of the time many of the answers we seek are actually within us.  We have been endowed with intelligence and the ability to learn and if  we truly work hard after doing our research and apply effort and the understanding we will inevitably face obstacles and setbacks, we can achieve our goals.  The way Dili Gent (yes of course derived from the word “Diligent”) does things is of course sensible and makes sense, however many people do not apply these things.  Mr “Successful” is a great person to learn how to be successful from, because do exactly the very opposite of everything he does or would do, and you will be successful.  When you are in a challenging situation, imagine what an unsuccessful, bitter person would do and do the opposite, you will see results.  As Dili Gent stated, success is not instant or overnight, it is a gradual process, so it requires patience and determination, qualities that many lack.  However with a goal, planning, work on the plan, dealing with setbacks, and continuous effort you will reach your goals.

– Jahan Choudhry.

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