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In my last blog I introduced you to Mr “Successful”:  https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/meet-mr-successful-part-1/  Before continuing to read this article please read that blog first.

We are going to hear from Mr “Successful” again.

Mr “Successful”

“It’s me Mr “Successful”.  Today you’re going to hear from  one of my cousins and former best friends. My cousin’s name is Dillon Gent, but we call him “Dili” for short, so he is usually known as Dili Gent. So now it’s over to Dili.”

Dili Gent

“Hi everyone, I’m Dillon Gent, but I’m usually called Dili, so people know me as Dili Gent. Nice to meet you. Let me tell you about myself.  I’m not as successful as my cousin “Mr Successful”, but here is my story. Me and Mr “Successful” are cousins and we grew up together.  I used to drink and smoke with him, neither of us worked or cared about working and lived off government money, in the US you call it Welfare payments and in the UK social benefit.  Anyway me and Mr Successful and the rest of our gang used to hate business people, and people in suits.  We used to insult them as part of our general overall diet of negative talk, moaning, complaining about life and mocking others.

The change.

Things started to change however.  Two things really happened.  My aspirations and goals changed and I wanted to earn more money to lead a better lifestyle as my best friend Sen Sibal (The name’s Indian and the pronunciation is the same as “Sensible”) who always hated Mr “Successful” and the rest of our group of friends, got a good job, started earning more money and bought a nice car.  Sen Sibal said he was my true friend and that true friends criticize each other and would always tell me to change myself.  The other thing was I had to pay some debts as well. These things made me look at how to make money.  This is the way I now do things.

I make sure I have a positive atttitude and focus on successes. Even the smallest thing is a success or a cause of  being positive, from getting a client to sign a deal with my company or my son finishing a story book with his mother, or someone merely saying thank you.  I always try to focus on the positive because life is meant to be lived happily.  However I do not believe in a “happy happy clap clap” philosophy where the sun is always shining and everything is perfect.  Far from it I do realize we live in what is some ways quite a cruel world, and people can be quite cruel themselves.  Life is essentially one great lesson in which we constantly experience things and challenges so that we learn from them and grow.  I view life as a never ending course, but one in which I always smile and retain a positive attitude.

This positive attitude makes me feel better, has led me to have better health, gives me more energy and attracts people to me.  Yes, I meet idiots and rude people, as well as cheats, but they are far outnumbered by the number of experiences I have where people are polite, helpful and honest, so I look at that more than the bad people.  I believe success is not an overnight process but is gradual.  In order to go from A – Z, you need to go through B, C,D and E first.  However whilst you are in this journey you make sure you have fun.  I like to balance my work with my family life.  When I used to hang out with Mr “Successful”, I was a womanizer and semi-alcoholic.  Then when I changed I met a girl who I used to chat with at work.  We got to know each other better and then became a couple, we got married last year.  I invited Mr “Successful” to come to our wedding but he was drunk when I phoned him and told me to get lost.  I believe in humour and always having a piece of humour every day.  It has multiple benefits such as releasing stress, giving you energy and making you see things in a calmer way thus improving your judgement.  I also take time out every day to relax, even if it is just 5 minutes in the shower or bathroom.

This 300-400 seconds of relaxation makes me feel better and releases a lot of tension.  I believe in keeping my mind strong and sharp so I also do mental exercises which improve me mentally such as crosswords, puzzles, mathematical sums, remembering numbers and other things.  I’ve found this has really helped me with my business performance in terms of analyzing things far quicker and more critically.  I also like to learn about different things and the world in general and not just be a one-dimensional person and care only about my work, I have my own stationary company.  This allows me to meet people and speak about different things including at social events or networking events and has helped me with making important contacts.

I first started with no money, so in order to create capital I got a basic job in a shop (as I had no real employment history), and worked there for 1 year.  The next year I got an office job.  Whilst trying to enjoy myself within limits, I budgeted and tried to save as much money as I could.  After two years I had about £10,000.  I decided to invest some of that, around £2,500 in shares as the returns can be greater than interest from a bank.  Before investing, I learnt about investing, reading a couple of books and learning about the sector and industry I wanted to invest in.  The money from investing was quite good.  I also sold stationary items on ebay. First starting with my “warm market” (my friends and family) and then expanding. This provided me with some money which I used to pay off bills. So I had three sources of income, my job, my investments and my ebay business.  I then found a business mentor and we worked on a business plan on my own stationary company.  I started off small and then reinvested all profits in to further growth.  My growth has been gradual, step-by-step, incremental, essentially achieved by myself (I do not believe in relying on others) and perfectly explainable, I can easily explain how to do the same to anyone else.  My growth has been totally different to Mr “Successful’s” success which was overnight, mysterious, required no hard work and was due to someone else’s generousity.  I have my own company, a house, wife and children.  I still have problems which I have to deal with, still parking tickets I have to pay, my son and daughter fighting over which TV program to watch and I’m not a millionaire quite like Mr Successful.  I have worked far harder than he has, and may never be as rich as him,  however overall I feel positive, fulfilled and a self-made person.

The secrets of my growth are:

– Motivation.

– Organizing a plan.

– Patience and consistency.

– Continuous hard work.

– Accepting failure and setbacks as a natural part of growth and something which educates me.

– Being positive and thus attracting positive things and positive situations. I also practise the 5 mental fruits a day mentioned here: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/mind-diet-the-conclusion/

Have a great day everyone”

Dili Gent.

Mr “Successful”: Well that was Dili. I no longer speak to him or want to know him.  I’m far more successful than he is, because as he said I never worked in my life and was always negative and was bitter and a hater, and then suddenly one day a millionaire businessman popped out of nowhere and said I was a great guy and instantly gave me a £5 million cheque.  So sorry Dili, you’re not even on my level!







Jahan:  This was yet again another satirical blog, stating some obvious facts.  The truth is that a lot of the time many of the answers we seek are actually within us.  We have been endowed with intelligence and the ability to learn and if  we truly work hard after doing our research and apply effort and the understanding we will inevitably face obstacles and setbacks, we can achieve our goals.  The way Dili Gent (yes of course derived from the word “Diligent”) does things is of course sensible and makes sense, however many people do not apply these things.  Mr “Successful” is a great person to learn how to be successful from, because do exactly the very opposite of everything he does or would do, and you will be successful.  When you are in a challenging situation, imagine what an unsuccessful, bitter person would do and do the opposite, you will see results.  As Dili Gent stated, success is not instant or overnight, it is a gradual process, so it requires patience and determination, qualities that many lack.  However with a goal, planning, work on the plan, dealing with setbacks, and continuous effort you will reach your goals.

– Jahan Choudhry.

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For Madeline

This blog has been read by people in many different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Latvia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Poland and the Philippines. I’ve spoken to people on facebook, twitter, at work, by email and in other places about it and have recieved different questions. One question I had from a particularly grateful reader, Madeline from the Philippines, was how to be successful. I promised her that I would write something, so here it is:


“Mr Successful”

“Oi, I’m Mr Successful….what do you want?  OK, ok…listen I’ll tell you how to be successful and how I became successful. I grew up hating everything and being bitter at the world.  I would always complain and moan. If anything good happened I would ignore it, but if something bad happened I would make sure I would talk about it again and again and again.  I hate the world and people in general and I don’t try to change for anyone.  I am who I am. I’m better than everyone else and everyone else is stupid. I would go to bed late at night every night and swear to myself in my mind, sometimes even swear out loud about what went wrong, about what this guy did and what that guy did. I’m a smart guy and as I said most people are stupid. I heard about this “positive thinking” stuff before. Positive thinking my foot!  It’s for fools.  Just do what I do, I’m successful.

I don’t like humour or having a laugh or fun. Fun? Fun, what a silly little word. I’m miserable and bitter, with a frown on my face. I tell you what I like, I like cigarettes, 10 pints of strong beer, occassional drugs and so on and I like doing that all at home. I am not the sort of person who needs to go out and meet others. As for learning about new things, what a load of nonsense. I know what I know and I’m a smart guy and I don’t need to know other people or about other things or other places, that is for people trying to be fancy and uppity.

Though I smoke about 200 cigarettes a day, and I enjoy that, it’s not what I call relax. 

I don’t believe in “relaxation”, what a load of trash.  I’m nervous and edgy, always worried about everything and I love to complain and also make others worried to.  When I actually do go out and meet people, I make sure that they remember me.  I always teach them a lesson or two. I make sure that I see something wrong or something I can criticize and then put them down…haha. Yeah I get a kick out of doing that. I love looking at what’s wrong with others and how to put them down, as for me, well I’m fine, but others need to sort themselves out. I am Mr Successful.

I’m not some sort of wuss who thinks he needs to be “intellectual” or keep my mind strong and active. What! What nonsense.  I’m not in to fancy books, course, seminars or all that rubbish. I’m not one for learning new things. I didn’t plan to be successful, I never had any goal or ambition. The few times I did try to do something, whenever I came across any small little setback no matter how tiny it was, I gave up. Being successful wasn’t gradual, it was instant and overnight. What happened was a billionaire saw me near my road when I was smoking a fag (for non-native English speakers, slang for cigarette). He came up to me and he said hey there’s something about you, something which you seem to have that makes me like you. I told him “piss off idiot”.  He then said, “yep you’re a great guy. I’m going to make you a millionaire with out you having to do any hard work, or learning, because you have such a magnetic and lovely personality”.  Before I could swear at him and insult him, he gave me a cheque for £5 million and left, otherwise I would have abused him.  Anyway that idiot gave me the check and that’s how I became successful, no hard work, no planning, no goals or ambition, just lots of cigarettes, cans and cans of cheap beer and abusing other people. Yep that’s how to be successful. Now get lost! Beat it!”

– “Mr Successful”

Ok, that was “Mr Successful” telling us all how to be successful.  So now you know the secret to success.






“Hang on”, you are thinking, “this isn’t serious is it?”.  Well yes you are right.  Mr “Successful” is a great teacher on success, because he is the very antithesis of what success is and how to be successful.  I used a very extreme and even absurd example (though quite funny) because it has greater impact and remains in the memory more.  In my next few articles I will analyse step by step in a more serious manner, everything about “Mr Success” and how he became successful, but right now let me summarize, Mr “Success” and his philosophy.


Always complain = Don’t practise “abundance” (being grateful for what you have). Read: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/mind-diet-part-1/

Don’t relax but always be tense and nervous = Opposite of practise relaxation. Read: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/mind-diet-part-2/

Don’t laugh or have fun = Opposite of having humour in your life. Read: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/mind-diet-part-3/

Don’t do any mental exercise to keep your mind sharp = Opposite of doing mental  exercise. Read: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/mind-diet-part-4/

Don’t learn anything new or about the world = Opposite of always try to learn new things and make yourself a more rounded person. Read: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/mind-diet-part-5/

Don’t have goals or ambition = A successful person always has a goal and ambition which drives him, even if he comes across setbacks.

Don’t carry on even if you have setbacks = A successful person knows he will have difficulties and even failures but due to his self belief he will carry on until success.

Success was instant = Success is not instant but is gradual and incremental, it can also be explained, unlike the ridiculous scenario of Mr “Successful” where inexplicably he was given a £5 million cheque and became rich overnight.

Be rude, abusive and arrogant = Do not be arrogant or rude, do not try to alienate people or belittle them. Try to be positive and get on with them. Your way to the top will not be done purely by yourself, you will need others, thus you will need to be a person with good people skills.

In future blogs I will cover all of this in more detail, but if you read what I wrote the concept of the 5 mental “fruits” a day and their aid to gaining success will now make more sense.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, can be successful.  This is something which I have learnt from a number of successful people including a famous investor who has co-written books with a billioanire. It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you are and what you do, you too can apply the ingredients and recipe required for success.  Success is not as mysterious as it may seem, as the the ridiculous example of “Mr Successful” demonstrates (a deliberate parody).   For example there are some things about Mr “Successful’s” diet such as his smoking and alcoholism, as well as his appearance which you do not need me to tell you are no nos.  Being successful involves some things which all of us are aware of, it is simply actioning them which is what counts.

– Jahan Choudhry


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