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2012 is starting out very well.

Earlier today I wrote a blog on how my article on the “follow me” generation was the first out of 272 million pages on Google (UK version that is), and if you click on this link you can read more about that. However another piece of good news which I am focusing on and dwelling on, as I have said always try to dwell on the positive as much as you can whilst retaining a balanced, healthy but analytical (as opposed to overly emotional or despondent) view of failures or problems, heavily. Anyway I am referring to the fact that another piece which I did, namely about “stating the damn obvious”, which you can read if you click here, was the first out of 300 million webpages.

Below is the printscreen which you can click on to view carefully which shows my blog the first out of 300 million webpages on Google, something which I am extremely happy about especially when you also bear in mind that 300 million is also 0.3 billion.

So here it is the printscreen, click to get a bigger view if you need to.

So once again I can only say to my dear readers that when such a thing happens, no matter how small it is you should spend more time remembering it, appreciating it and getting an emotional uplift from it than the amount of time you would spend on focusing on the negatives that happened. Many people get caught up on focusing on what is going wrong rather than what is going right, simply because what goes well for us far, and I mean by an absolutely massive gap, outnumbers what goes wrong for us. It is however that we take what is going right for us for granted. It is like the miserable and ungrateful husband who eats his wife’s cooking every day which she prepares for him but he never values it until the day she says she is not cooking for him.

Anyway once again, I will be posting the pictures of some famous personalities with smiles to capture my current mood so you can get a taste of how I’m feeling and you too can be affected by it.

Matt Damon smiling.

 Image source

Basketball legend, Michael Jordan smiling.

 Image source.

Always celebrate your successes even if it is just internally, no matter how small they are and you will see more of them coming your way.

Have a great day which ever part of the world you are in!

– Jahan Choudhry, writer of “stating the damn obvious”, which was no.1 out of 0.3 billion webpages.

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