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I will be posting more regularly on my blog in 2012, this is part of my overall resolution to be more productive this year. My blogs will also include things which are “damn obvious” to some people, but not to others. The question then is what is the purpose of stating the “obvious”?

What is “obvious” to some is not to others.

The term “obvious” in the context which I am using it is relative. For example I will be mentioning certain information about business, jewellery or social media which are “obvious” to those familiar with such things, but not to those who are not familiar with them. By “obvious” I do not mean things which are clear, plain common sense, but even then that has its place, because even the greatest minds can overlook the glaringly obvious or common sense. In fact one of the cliches of modern popular culture is the image of a “nutty scientist” who is a sheer genious in his own specialized field but lacks basic common sense in simple day to day affairs.

A year or two ago I went to a talk by Bruce King, which I enjoyed quite a lot and one of the things which he stated in his seminar was the need to state the glaringly obvious, because contrary to what you may think, many people miss it out.

Bruce King, successful writer and marketing specialist.

For those of you who don’t know who Bruce is. He is the author of the international best seller “Psycho-Selling – Double Your Income From Sales In 8 Weeks” and has helped many companies and executives, I saw at first hand how sharp his business mind was when people who he had never met before asked him for solutions to their problems. Now these were people from different business backgrounds selling completely different products and services and Bruce managed to give a very impressive and effective answer to each of them, devoid of fancy language, but straight to the point.

So in the course of my blogs this year you will be reading what are for those who are more versed with business, social media and son on can seem rudimentary but for others will be welcome and useful information.

– Jahan Choudhry

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