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For those who wish to contact me, or network with me or any thing else they can add me to their facebook account.

Facebook was of course started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and now has 500 million members and is the most popular website on the entire world wide web surpassing even Google. Barack Obama has a facebook account, so does Bill Gates. It can be used for social purposes but is also a very powerful business tool and part of social media marketing. In terms of increasing personal success it can relieve our mind from our own worries when we socialize online by looking at posts or photos of our facebook friends. It is a relaxing and positive activity.

 In terms of business success more and more executives are now realizing the power of facebook in terms of advertising and reaching new clients and customers and is not location-specific with access to members across the globe. Even President Obama is on facebook.

In terms of using this site, here is my advice for business professionals, those people who have normal jobs but wish to be financially successful and everyone in general.

Keeping in touch.

Facebook is good for keeping in touch with those friends of yours who do not see regularly be they old school friends, work colleagues from years back and so forth. You know where they are and what they are doing. In terms of your closer circle of friends who you know well,  facebook can be less important and you can send group emails or in-house jokes amongst each other and so on. I would advise people not to have intimate pictures on facebook or pictures of their loved ones. As a consultant and someone who works with successful people, one valuable piece of advice I can give you is never to engage in exhibitionism or trying to impress others purely for the sake of it. You will often ultimately regret it.

Real contact is the real thing.

The popularity of online social media is growing and growing.  However there is no substitute for real person-to-person contact in terms of socializing with friends or making an important  business relationship. In general not too much time should be spent behind the computer as this is not the way our bodies were designed to function and is not healthy. Our bodies are meant to go out and experience fresh air. Both fresh air and sunlight have of course health benefits with the sun providing certain vitamins such as vitamin D. 

 This is of course obvious common sense to many, however it needs to be said due to the number of hours people spend on their facebook account going through their hundreds of facebook friends.

I personally know certain millionaires and successful people that do not even have a facebook account. One famous example of this is Bill Gates who closed his account. A facebook account is by no means a must and nor should it be thought of in that way. However if used correctly and appropriately it is a good tool for keeping in touch and also for marketing for businesses. In this day and age for any business to flourish facebook, twitter and other sites can be utilized to great effect.

My facebook name is Jahan Choudhry, and my email is jahan_choudhry@hotmail.co.uk

– Jahan Choudhry

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