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In the past on this blog, I have written about self-acceptance and the fact that you should be completely happy with whoever you are.

My blog on self-acceptance.

It doesn’t matter what colour, creed, sex, age, weight, height, bra-size, body shape, level of education, wealth or lack of it that you are or have, you are you and should be happy with who you are. Many people suffer from stress or unease because they aspire to be a certain “ideal”. They impose upon themselves certain targets. They then say they will be “happy” when they meet these targets i.e. when they become that weight, gain that appearance, have that job or money, only then to find something else to be unhappy about. You will never be perfect.¬† In some of the most extreme cases some young people set themselves a certain target of going to a certain prestigious university or certain grades and when they have failed to get to a super-prestigious university (and instead just a prestigious one) they have commited suicide. You can read one example of this here.¬†Below is an image which I saw on my facebook today and would like to share with my readers and subscribers.

Courtesy of "Unconditional love" on facebook.

– First accept yourself for who you are.

– No one is perfect and everyone has problems be it the wealthiest man, the most good looking actor, the most beautiful model or anyone else.

– If you accept yourself and this is deeply grounded within you, this core strength of yours will manifest itself to others and draw them to you.

– Accept yourself and then focus on all your positive qualities and celebrate them.

– Do not be overly competitive or jealous or seek to outdo others when not necessary. You are who you are. You are good at some things and better than others. The person who is “richer”, slimmer, “better looking” than you has these things, and you have other things which they do not.

– Love yourself and you will be loved.

Image source.

Thank you for reading, have a great day.

– Jahan Choudhry.


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