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Today I am going to speak about something which may seem somewhat different to some of the topics that I normally cover. The earthquake last year in Japan. What does this have to do with a blog which is about jewellery and also advice on gaining success? Well I will explain later.

The Japanese earthquake

Japan, like many parts of the world is home to great natural beauty.

Mount Fuji in Japan.


However last year Japan was on our TV screens, but for unfortunate reasons. The country was affected by a massive earthquake causing hundreds of billions dollars in damage. I, myself, due to my work as an EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language) knew one Japanese student, Shiori, here in London who was raising money to help the country recover. So I am happy to see the country recover so successfully. Now in life, not just nations, but individuals take devastating blows. Everyone does. One has not fully experienced the totality of life if you have not, in fact one has been deprived in some way. However the key thing is to be resilient and to recover. So this is why I am writing this blog, to highlight these two qualities which the Japanese have displayed.

Here are pictures from major international media organizations, RT and AFP, showing pictures of Japan before (at the time of the earthquake) and now.

AFP/Getty images


Japan has one of the biggest economies in the world and has shown once again great resilience in this rapid and highly successful recovery. It is a relatively small and densely populated set of islands in the Pacific ocean, lacking natural resources. It is the only country in the world to have been the victim of a nuclear attack, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. It was also one of the first major non-European nations to undergo industrialization and modernization in the 19th century (the Meiji period), culminating in the defeat of the then huge and mighty Russian, Empire at a time when European colonial powers dominated the world, in 1905.

This blog is shorter than my usual articles, but what I would like to say is “Well done Japan”, and for everyone to see this as a great example of resilience and recovery, especially when other countries would be devastated by this for years. Well done to all my Japanese friends including Takafumi pictured below.

Takafumi in London, jumping for joy.

– Jahan Choudhry

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