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This is my 10th article for this month. In the space of 14 days I have managed to write 10 blogs, which in comparison to last year is lightening speed and a huge increase in output and productivity. My target is 34 blogs by the end of this month. However as everyone should know, despite what certain dubious individuals might say, in general (there are of course exceptions and some people are extremely lucky) success is only achieved through hard work, hard work and more hard work. The “easy” part of this is if you enjoy what you are doing and the “hard work” is not so hard anymore.

My target this month is 34 blogs.

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The purpose of this exercise?

What is the purpose of me doing this? Well the primary purpose is to demonstrate to my readers, current and future, that I practise what I preach and also to set an example, as someone who used to work as an employability trainer, have helped people to get jobs, helped them with their businesses and so forth. I can encourage others to work hard, but what verifiable way is there that I do that myself. Well here it is. I have set myself a target of 34 and we shall see if I can achieve it.

Conditions for all my blogs.

There are some self-imposed conditions for all my blogs this month.

1. They must be a minimum of 300 words: I can type 34 short messages but that does not mean anything nor is it in general a sufficient number of words to convey anything meaningful. Last year I went to a seminar on blogging where an industry expert advised a minimum of 300 words for each blog.

2. They cannot be copy and paste articles: For me effort, work or labour depending on what we wish to call it is a blessed act. It is something which when we do, as long as it is done with goals which will lead us to success (otherwise it is than all just done in vain, imagine spending hours digging for gold somewhere where there is no gold, you have done nothing but waste your time). When you work hard, life will reward you. This is a belief of mine and something which I have experienced and many others can attest to. We are here to grow as human beings, and hard work is part of what our lives are about, idleness and laziness aren’t. Copy and paste also means just finding articles and paraphrasing them, rejigging them by switching a few words and sentences around. This is not authenticity, nor originality. It would not be coming from me. I want you to read something which is from me.

No copy and paste articles allowed for my target of 34 blogs this month which includes just paraphrasing existing artices.

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So here is an update of what I have achieved so far. I have written 10 blogs up till now, including this. I will describe each blog, including the date, length of words and subject. I will also state what you the reader should get out of this. These articles are for you in some way to benefit or enjoy. If they are personal events (such as I went to the pharmacy today, which I actually did) of no relevance to you, then you are wasting your valuable time reading my material. So I strongly believe I must justify each article of mine by saying what value they have for you, or what message they contain.


1st blog, Date: February 1st 2012.

“First month of the year is over, hello February”


Number of words: 529.

Value/Message: Need to maintain New Year’s emotional high and determination to improve yourself on to the second month of the year and onwards.

Image from the blog.

2nd blog, Date: February 1st 2012.

“Target, 34 posts this month.”


Number of words: 675.

Value/Message: Goal setting and sub-dividing goals.

SMART targets, image from my second blog this month,

3rd blog, Date: February 4th 2012.

Changing from WordPress.com to self-hosting.


Number of words: 849.

Value/Message: Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org including plugins.

Image from my third blog this month.

4th blog, Date: February 9th 2012.

Changing over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, exporting files


Number of words: 781

Value/message: Advice on how to “export” (transfer) files from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

eImage from fourth blog this month.

5th blog, Date: February 10, 2012.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta a.k.a. “BATIGOL”


Number of words: 650

Value/Message: Importance of working hard to achieve results, a figure that inspires me to do so, Gabriel Batistuta.

Image from my fifth blog, legendary Argentine soccer player Gabriel Batistuta.

6th blog, Date: February 11th, 2012.

Do the right thing – Anthony Charles.


Number of words: 839

Value/Message: Karma can be positive, do good and it will come back to you.

Image from my sixth blog this month, what goes around comes around.

7th blog, Date: February 13th, 2012.

Well done Japan….a great recovery.


Number of words: 417

Value/Message: An example of resilience and recovery i.e. Japan since the earthquake.

Image from my seventh blog this month.

8th blog, Date: February 13th, 2012.

Love yourself and others will love you.


Number of words: 355 words.

Value/Message: Love yourself and others will love you. Start with self acceptance.

Image from eighth blog this month.

9th blog, Date: February 14th, 2012

Sharing is caring.


Number of words: 728

Value/Message: To give is greater than to get, and giving ensures you will get back more, with interest.

Click on share at the bottom of my blogs to share with your friends, image from my ninth blog this month.



So in total all of this nine blogs amount to 5,823 words in the space of 14 days or 2 weeks. That would mean 11,000 words in a month, which is equivalent to the number of words some students must write for their final year paper in university.

This blog which I have written now is a further 1,153 words so that pushes up the total to 6,976 words produced in the space of 2 weeks.

However I must admit I do enjoy writing, and writing apart from being immensely fun can for some bring great financial rewards too.

From poverty to being a billionaire, J.K. Rowling, the richest woman in the UK, richer than the Queen.

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This is my tenth blog this month which is a recap of the output I have produced so far and a report on my progress. I have 14 days left to produce 24 more blogs.

The magic number now is 24.

14 days left to write 24 more blogs.

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– Jahan Choudhry

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