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What is the snipping tool?

The snipping tool is a programme that allows you to select a part of your screen or whatever page you are on and then capture that and save it.

In a previous blog I spoke about how to use printscreen, well the snipping tool is similar but instead of 1. saving your screen 2. selecting the part you want to save or use, the snipping tool is much quicker and skips step 1 and you just have to chose the part you want to save.

It may not seem like a big difference but  it can make a huge difference over time if you are trying to copy lots of parts of pages or images or text that you are working on. If you were to have to snip 20 images or extracts it would be far quicker than using printscreen and then cutting out the part you want to use.

How do you use the snipping tool?

1.First click on start on the bottom right of your screen.

First step

First step

2. Then click on “All programs”.

Cick on "All programs"

Cick on “All programs”

3. Then scroll up to “Accessories” and click on that.

Click on "Accesories".

Click on “Accesories”.

4. Then scroll down to the “Snipping tool” icon and click on that.

Click on the "Snipping Tool" icon.

Click on the “Snipping Tool” icon.

5. Then you will see the following image on the window and just click on “new”.

Click on "new"

Click on “new”

6. Then a short menu will appear and you have a variety of different choices on how you will snip the image or text you are working on. For the purpose of this exercise chose “Rectangle Snip” as shown below.

Click on "rectangle"

Click on “Rectangle Snip”


7. You would actually first chose the image or text you want to snip and then start the “Snipping tool”, so in the example below I have chosen one of my own personal pictures from my blog and want to snip it.

Drag the cursor around to cover the parts of the image you want to include

Drag the cursor around to cover the parts of the image you want to include


8. After you move the cursor around to cover the parts you want a “Snipping tool” window will automatically open up and show you the image you have got. Voila you have your first snipped image and can now do what you want with it. Please do not use this image (taken in Marseille) without stating that it is my picture. Thank you.

You have your first snipped picture

You have your first snipped picture

I hope you find this useful. Practise and have fun, if you get stuck, feel free to ask me questions! I’m more than happy to help!

Have a great day.

– Jahan

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In my previous blog, I spoke of how to use Google images, click here to read.

Now this is a very, very simple thing to do for some. However for those who don’t know they will want some sort of advice, set of instructions on how to do that thus I have attempted to that and I hope many find it useful.

In this blog I am going to speak about how to use printscreen.

What is printscreen?

Printscreen is simple it means capturing your computer screen and what it looks like. So let me just copy this image right now…and show you!



So if you look (click for a bigger view) of the picture above you will see exactly everything that I see on my screen.

That is a printscreen.


Why is printscreen useful?

Printscreen is useful for a variety of different reasons. You can use it to record things from your computer which you may want to look at later. You can also use it to show people e.g. helpline support or others the problems your computer may be facing by emailing a picture of what your printscreen looks like.


How do you make a printscreen?

It is very, very easy.

You simply press the “Alt”  button at the bottom of your screen and then press the  printscreen button which sometimes just has “Prtsc” written on it, which is on the top right hand side of the keyboard.


Image source.

You can then save this image on “paint” or any other similar programme for pictures.


How to do a printscreen on Toshiba.

For  some Toshiba computers/laptops you press the “FN” button on the bottom left and the “End” button on the top right (which underneath the “End” word may say Prtsc in blue).



You can edit or “crop” some of the printscreen.

If you have a printscreen you do not necessarily have to have the whole screen displayed but you can cut out or trim, or as they say “crop” some of the printscreen to make it smaller.

So let’s look at this printscreen of this Wikipedia page.


This is Wikipedia’s article on the Mona lisa.

Let’s say you don’t want the text but just the box with the Mona Lisa and the text around it.

1. You make a printscreen (i.e. press Alt and Printscreen button).

2. Save it on MS paint.

3. Click on the “select” tab on the top-left hand side of the paint screen.



4. Then move the mouse cursor over the part of the screen you want to show i.e. in this case the Mona Lisa, and once selected you can right-click and  copy it.



You can also us “crop” it using the crop tab which allows you to cut out parts of the image you don’t want.

Now that you have saved or copied the Mona Lisa image (or any image you may have chosen) you can paste it somewhere else.






Please remember this image and text is the property of Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mona_Lisa and cannot be reproduced against their wishes.

I have merely used this for educational purposes.


I hope you have found this article useful and have a great day!

– Jahan

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