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In a blog yesterday I spoke about the usefulness of videos in social media and I will be writing a blog on how to use windows movie maker, the program on most computers which allows you to make videos.

However  before that I will give a brief summary on how to use Google images.

What is “Google images”?

Usually on Google you want to look for a website on a specific subject. So if you want to look for information on how to make roast chicken, you would type “how to make roast chicken” and get millions and millions of webpages. Look at the picture below.

Google Images 1


In fact that search threw up 23.7 million webpages!


Google images does the same but instead of showing you webpages related to the words you’ve typed, it shows you images.

Here is what to do.


1. Go to your browser e.g. Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and on the “browser” (the white bar at the top where you write website addresses, type “Google.com” (or .co.uk, or whichever country you prefer).

Google Images 2


2. Upon getting on to the Google page, go to “Images” on the top left hand side.

Google Images 3


3. Then when you get to the images section, type the word or phrase related to the image(s) you are looking for.

Google Images 4


4. Then you will get lots of images of roast chicken.

Google Images 5


5. Click on any of these images to see them in more detail or to go to the webpage they are from.

In the picture below I have clicked on the second picture from the left (see the blue arrow). This pictures happens to be from http://www.videojug.com

I use Chrome rather than explorer as my browser (the programme).


When you get on to the picture, right click and then select “Save as” to save on to your computer (see orange arrow).

Google Images 6



6. When you click on that you will be then given the option of where you want to save your image and you can save it.

REMEMBER HOWEVER: Images are the property of their owners e.g. company or people who made them or have bought them. Do not use images against the wishes of any company or person who they belong to.

Google Images 7


Try this out and practise a few times with other types of images until you become comfortable with it.

Once again however I would like to stress that images are the property of their owners and are not there to be used freely as you please.

Anyway, I hope you have found this useful and have a great day!

– Jahan

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