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Fergal Crawley – Business Advice Forum

I have spoken to Fergal Crawley the owner and administrator of Business Advice Forum. Some of you may already know who Fergal is and also his forum, but for those who don’t then let me explain.

 Business Advice Forum is one of the largest business websites on the entire internet with thousands of visitors every day from all over the world and a large number of regular posters.  The forum contains free business advice on virtually all aspects of business including sub-forums on sales and marketing, the internet, business ideas and personal effectiveness as well as being a place where you can meet other business people or those starting off in business.  Over the years Fergal has been reading lots and lots of posts over the years and has added to the business knowledge which he already has.  He has kindly agreed to take time out when he can from his busy schedule and occasionally post on this blog sharing advice on how to be successful in business.  So in the future I will publish an article by him.


  For those of you who wish to contact him direct, then his details are as follows: 

Forum: www.businessadviceforum.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fergal_crawley

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fergal.crawley

He also runs a competition on his forum where participation is free and where the winner can earn as much as $1,250.

I, myself, post on that forum and have advised people on things such as how to get promotion at work, personal success, website optimization and other things.

– Jahan Choudhry

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