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Business Start up exhibition, final blog

To conclude my series of blogs on the Business Start up exhibition in London.  It was definitely worth visiting and going to. 

Speed networking.

There was a speed networking event sponsored by T-mobile which I would recommend people to go to.

Posting business cards.

Also there was a wall at the back of the exhibition where visitors could put up their cards or details and explained what they were about, and those who were interested could contact them and therefore network and develop business relationships with them.

The area reserved for posting your business cards on the wall, so people could look at them and contact you.


A photo from the exhibition.

There were as I mentioned before lots of stalls, talks, seminars and so on from companies and speakers from a huge variety of backgrounds, so it represents a fantastic opportunity to network and interact with successful business people or people wishing to start one up. It was definitely the place to be that week for those involved in business.

The final talk that my friends and I went to in the exhibition was one by James Caan. For those from other countries outside of the UK not familiar with James Caan, he is a British business man who gained national fame and prominence from appearing in the BBC TV series “Dragons’ Den”.  This was after he had started off from humble beginnings and made himself a millionaire through starting up his own recruitment firms, first of all Alexander Mann and then Humana International. He is also actively involved in a number of different charitable projects. The following youtube video will give some idea who he is:


James Caan

There was a very long queue of people lining up to see James, the biggest I saw during the whole of the exhibition. This is only natural since unlike some of the other speakers he is a well-known TV personality now known to millions in the UK. Because of such a big number of people we found it hard to find seats but managed to find space in the back, from where some of my photographs were taken including the one below.

James Caan speaking by telecast to a packed audience at the Business Start up exhibition.

The seminar did not involve James being there in person but was broadcast live through a camera. Caan was witty, with a sharp sense of humour and it was quite evident that he was a very shrewd and sharp man, but not too serious and stuffy. The audience laughed to his jokes. A variety of different people in the audience asked him questions including one young lady wishing to start up a recruitment firm, and a young man seeking to start up an organization to help young people in less developed areas of London. Caan gave good answers and in a diplomatic and jovial way addressed some questioners who wondered if he would invest in them, or even mentor them.

Above all what a seminar like this demonstrates, is something quite obvious to most, but the power of the media, the power of fame and celebrity. We could say many people are superficial that they will give indiscriminate preference to someone merely because of his or her media profile, over someone who may have something just as good to offer but less well-known. That however is not James Caan’s fault but the way many ordinary people often work. This is only natural and normal.

Overall the exhibition was a great event in that not only was it a place where you could meet many new people, share ideas, exchange contact details, even pick up some books for free, but the general positive vibe of the whole place. There were people of all backgrounds, genders, social status, ethnicity and so on. However one pervasive feeling which I got is that people at the event were markedly different from others outside on the streets, in that they were more positive, open minded and keen to be more successful in comparison to many other people that you might meet elsewhere who are more negative, jealous and narrow minded. I would encourage anyone who is in London to attend this event, and the very least you may get apart from valuable knowledge, experience  from successful people, useful contacts is motivation, since the people at the event were very much active people, “doers”, and their enthusiasm and vibrancy was something I found infectious.

The next Business Start up event in London will be on 17th-18th of May and will again be free.

Business start up exhibition, Source: Lth-hotels.com

The website is www.bstartup.com

If anybody wishes to contact me with any further questions please feel free to and my email is:


–          Jahan Choudhry

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Business start up exhibition in London

Last week I attended the Business start up exhibition in Earl’s court, Central London. The event was packed full of people of all ages, backgrounds, male and female and with business from a wide variety of different sectors. There were under 300 organizations present in the exhibition with their stalls including:

– Advertising companies.

– IT companies.

– Estage agencies.

– Law firms.

– Governmental bodies

– Media companies.

– Construction firms

These included globally recognized names such as T-mobile and Vodafone.



It also included organizations with a presence abroad or based abroad such as Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona city council


There were also over 140 seminars and included well-known speakers such as James Caan, famous in the UK from the BBC television programme “Dragon’s Den”, which involves people with business ideas presenting their proposals to a group of successful millionaires.

James Caan, millionaire investor, writer, speaker and business mentor.

Will King, who was made redundant over 17 years ago and then went on to create a successful shaving company despite the huge competition and which has made millions. He also wrote a book “How to Build a Great Business in Tough Times” which was the no.1 business book being sold in Whsmiths (one of Britain’s main bookshops) in September 2009.

Will King, who successfully launched a multi-million pound shaving company selling millions of razors.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angel’s Den, Europe’s largest equity funding firm helping wealthy investor, “angels” to provide financial support to people with great business ideas, as well as co-founder Lois Cook.

Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den, also a business lecturer in universities with years of exerience in working in finance in the city of London.

Lois Cook, an experienced business coach and co-founder of Angel's Den.

 Chris Cole, founder of www.makeitcheaper.com (a site to help businesses save money by finding the best deals) who delivered a talk on “From 0 to 70 million in 10 years”, sharing information and advice on how to be successful in business and some of his experiences.

Chris Cole, founder of Hydrogen, a recruitment company which went from nothing to being floated for £70 million.

Rachel Elnaugh, another business person who appeared on the hit BBC show, “Dragon’s Den” was also present there and spoke to one of my friends.

Rachel Elnaugh, who started a company at the age of 24 from nothing which went on to becoming a multi-million pound success.

There were also politicians and members of the government there to deliver seminars and provide information. Below are some of my pictures taken with my mobile from the event. I will also be writing in more detail about some of the seminars I attended.

– Jahan Choudhry

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Yesterday I went to an event in Central London to hear the American professional speaker Topher Morrison. See https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/seminar-in-central-london/.  This is my review.

The event cost £57 and was primarily as a promotional event to promote the actual main courses and seminars. Topher did say that he could have done the event for free, but he charges in order to attract a better calibre of audience. I agree with him on this. Often when you charge a low price or give something for free people do not value it. A case in point was a sales seminar I went to earlier this year, when two of the people who were sent there for free by their company clearly did not value it and had a very casual attitude to what was actually very beneficial information. The sort of people that did come to the event were clearly from seeing and speaking to them serious people, some of whom were quite successful.


I was surprised at how content rich the whole one day event was and for the money being charged people certainly got value for money, in fact more value than the ticket price. Usually speakers divulge some gems here and there and are a reticent about sharing real nitty-gritty details. I didn’t find that in Topher’s event and he was more than happy to share as much information about any question posed to him. In fact at times I felt he – out of courtesy to the questioner – spoke about it a bit more than it needed. Maybe he felt he didn’t want to be cold and just give a very short answer.

He dealt with things such as how to book venues for a far cheaper price, how to organize your whole pricing if you become a speaker, as well as of course how to become a speaker and how to be a good one. He gave lots of examples and the VIPS (people who paid higher prices to have lunch with Topher and sit at the front) would take turns to do things Topher asked them to in front of the audience including things such as the correct body language, use of arms, use of voice and so forth, but it was all good fun and enjoyable to watch and listen to Topher’s very detailed feedback, which was detailed – and when required critical – rather than generic or simply praising the person.

Topher certainly knows what he is talking about and also comes across as very genuine and successful, in that he does not try to push the hard sell too much and insult our intelligence. He was very candid at times.


The whole event was worth going to and was organized by Triumphant Events. The event did end with Topher speaking about the main courses he sells. The price may be out of certain people’s league but I would definitely feel that they would get a very good coach and mentor in Topher.

Daniel Priestley is also part of a programme which helps people to become what is known as a “Key Person of Influence”.

Overall Topher was highly informative, very funny and honest. Though to give a good review I also have to point the bad parts of an event too, I can’t really think of one as much as I am trying to think of one, to seem objective.  He was also aware of not being too loud and energetic as Brits are a bit quieter than Americans, something which he was acutely aware of as he mentioned.

A good event and highly useful in the actual content delivered.

– Jahan Choudhry


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There will be a seminar in central London this Friday.

The speaker will be famous American business coach Topher Morrison who has a background in psychology and other fields.  The title of the seminar is “Secrets to becoming a highly paid professional speaker”.

More details of the whole event can be found on his website: http://www.tophermorrison.com/

I, myself, will be going on Friday with one of my coaches, Syed Rahman, and so if you do go we might even meet!

Note, I have no business connection with Topher, but one thing that you will learn with successful business people is that sharing valuable and useful information and advice with others in the long run will pay off. When you do positive things for others, you will ultimately benefit. Maybe not from the person you helped or the event that took place but in some other way.

Anyway if I do meet any of you there, looking forward to having a chat!

– Jahan Choudhry.

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