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In order to improve your current situation whatever it is, you must realize that change is possible.

Disbelief in the possibility of change is dangerous as it leads to inaction, continued dwelling on your problems and worst of all a hopelessness and despair and a belief that nothing can change, which can ultimately end in a very severe way.

However no matter what your situation is, and no matter how bad it is, change is possible.

1. Believe in the possibility of change.

This is the first step and will give you a lift. The mind and the body are connected (this is a recurrent theme in my coaching) and so physically too your body will get a lift and more energy when you accept this.

2. Change is immediate but gradual.

You can change certain things immediately, especially those within your own personal control e.g. the way you think and so forth.

The ultimate change which you seek will take time, it will be a gradual and incremental process but it should be a snowball effect.

Remember this change, is a journey and you should enjoy this journey, this adventure.

In my blog in later posts I will talk about powerful techniques which will help you to realize your goals.

– Jahan


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This is for you..e

For you who are in a hard time now and wish to get out from your difficult situation.

For you who may be in deep debt and wish to enjoy financial freedom.

For you who are starting a new business, or wish to start one.

For you who feel demoralized and not respected by people.

For you who feel that you are not respected at work or even bullied.

and this is for you…

regardless of where you are, who you are, what you are…

The future starts now.

Change is possible.

You can change your situation and if you really want to, you will change your situation and you will succeed.

– Jahan Choudhry


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