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We have been discussing the mind diet and the 5 regular mental “fruits” that we should be consuming mentally, in the way we should be having 5 fruits a day for our physical health.  This blog is continuing from the previous one: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/mind-diet-part-3/

1 . Abundance

To focus on all the positive things around us and thus to increase them. Success breeds success.

2. Relaxation

To take time out each day just to relax, and thereby cleanse our body and mind, this is an effect a mental shower as it gets rid of a lot of the stress you accumulate in your day as a shower removes the dirt you gather in the course of your day.

3. Humour

Humour relaxes your body and is a form of relaxation but it is more active and stronger. Your body is more energized and freshened with endorphins released, it is a great energy boost and can make your mind function clearer enabling you to make wiser decisions rather than emotional ones.

Mental Challenges

The fourth “fruit” in our daily mind diet is that of mental exercise or mental challenges. This can be in the form of crosswords, chess problems on the back of a newspaper, remembering telephone numbers or anything which stretches your mental ability, it is akin to going to the gym but in a mental way. We are all familiar with the health benefits of going to the gym and physical exercise, in fact many companies provide gym facilities for their staff, but we are not as familiar with the benefits of mental exercise.

Mental exercises and activities stop the aging process of the human mind. In order to look physically young we do physically young we do physical exercises, but in order to retain our sharpness and mental freshness we need to do such activities to prevent what is called “cognitive decline”. People who are middle-aged and are “scatty” are often so because mentally they are not active. To give an extreme example mental exercise may even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

So as part of your daily mind diet regime, you should have a mentally difficult and challenging activity which really pushes you, but ultimately gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you achieve it. This will make your mind stronger and fresher and – for the executives and professionals reading this – optimize your personal and business performance during the day.

Mental exercise helps professionals to be sharp and confident in being at their best.

This area is called “brain fitness”, so just as you require body fitness,  you require brain fitness. Different authors have written about this field and the famous writer Tony Buzan has written about something related (though not exactly the same) on how to improve your mental performance.

Successful millionaire writer and speaker Tony Buzan.

So mental exercise helps us to keep young and mentally healthy. It also gives us a boost. We are immersed in trying to solve a problem or task, so therefore we are practising the highly useful skill of “focus” or complete “concentration”. We exclude other things from our mind and mental chatter. Many successful businesspeople, sportsmen and women will tell you one of the key factors of their success was their ability to be single-minded, to think of only one thing and exclude other things. David Beckham for example achieved the global success he has by practising for hours and hours…..and hours, on his way to becoming a world-famous sportsman and now also a brand in his own right. When we are focused on one thing and exclude mental chatter, our breathing changes. Our whole body system functions more smoothly, free of worries or upset, but just focus on one thing.

David Beckham, a professional sportsman who rose to success by dedication and concentration.

Beckham, now a multi-millionaire recognized by hundreds of millions through out the world.

In addition to the great benefit of concentration, the feeling of satisfaction one gets from solving a mental challenge gives you a boost, and thus confidence in your own ability. Personal and business success is about confidence, about believing in yourself first, so then others will believe in you. There is a “feel-good” factor about solving something and it can even translate into a glow on your face, which projects success. People are attracted to success, and success breeds more success.

So this is the fourth out of our five daily mental “fruits” a day. I will be mentioning this more in the future with more detail.

–  Jahan Choudhry

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