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In a previous article (click here to read) I gave a brief overview of the history of gold. In this article I will continue by talking about the other uses of gold in addition to it being used for personal adornment and beautification.

Gold for medicine

Believe it or not gold is used for medical purposes. It is claimed that it was used by the ancient Chinese as far back as 2,500 B.C. for a number of different illnesses such as smallpox,skin ulcers and measles. Further south in another part of Asia, the ancient Indians also used gold in their Ayurvedic treatments.


Gold used in a facial something which is practised in Ayurvedic medicine. In India even today facial kits made of gold are sold.

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It is also used to treat arthritis. It is often done by way of injections which can take quite a few months, but there are even creams.


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It can also be used to treat types of cancer including prostrate cancer, and in the past few days two companies, Cytlmmune and AstraZeneca announced that they would work together to collaborate on developing nanoparticles to treat cancer. Radioactive gold particles are also used in some green teas to help treat cancer.


Radioactive gold particles are used in some green teas to help treat cancer.

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Gold is used in artificial implants as it reduces the chances of being infected with bacteria. Many other implants cannot be used by some people because the material which they are produced from is more susceptible to being affected by bacteria, whereas that is not the case with gold which is far more bacteria resistant.

Gold is used for pregnancy testing including kits which can be bought in shops.

So from some of the examples above we can see that gold in addition to merely having pleasing aesthetic qualities and used by people to beautify either themselves or their possessions has very practical applications even in the field of human health. It has been used since very ancient times by civilizations such as the ancient Chinese and also the Indians and its medical usage is expanding with more research and technology being carried out to treat other medial problems and illnesses. So health-wise it has been used in the past and will be used in the future.

In my next article I will continue to talk about other uses of gold.

– Jahan Choudhry

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