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I have written 6 posts in the past two days and when this is completed and put up then that makes it 7.

7 blogs

The first of these seven was

1. If you change nothing…

This was a nice quote which I got from someone on my facebook.

No hard work involved in that other than making sure I actually did it and believe it or not, the very action of just downloading a picture on to your hard drive then logging on to post it on to a blog is too laborious for some.

2.  The history of silver, part 3

A continuation of my series on the history of silver. 253 words and 3 pictures.

Each picture’s source has to be linked to which is additional work.

3. Napoleon’s ring for Josephine sold for under $1 million

219 words and 4 pictures.

Then today

4.  £1 million stolen Faberge egg found

240 words with  7 pictures.

5. Pink Indian gem sells for $39 million

137 words and 3 pictures.

6. Using youtube videos for your blog

919 words and 15 pictures including screenshots which I had to save and edit from my laptop.

This is the 7th and involves putting the links for the earlier 6 videos and so forth.

If I was to continue this rate of work, 7 blogs every two days would mean 24-25 blogs a week and that would mean105 blogs a month.

What would happen to the blog?

Well last February I did 34 blogs in one month, so just over a blog per day and it resulted in my traffic quadrupling i.e. increasing by 4 times, i.e. from around roughly 40 or so hits a day to 160 hits.

104 is around 3 times greater so we cannot be sure what that would mean but let’s try and do some maths.


Image source.

Last February doing 30+ posts that month, so just over 1 every day, my hits quadrupled from 40 to 160 approximately.

So 104 blogs a month could (notice I use the word “could” not “would”) mean my hit rate would be 12 times greater so imagine I was on 40 hpd (hits per day) it might go to 480 hpd.

Currently I am on just under 90 hpd (hits per day) so if that were to be multiplied by 12 it would be 1080 hits every day.

There’s no guarantee that would happen.

All these maths and numbers seem a bit boring, and I would totally understand if you feel so.




However the good news….yes there is good news…is that all of this is fun and part of a bigger strategy, which you are free to ask about.

Input = Output.

Hard work = success (most of the time).

I have written this blog to help other bloggers and aspiring bloggers read about some of the things involved and also to motivate them. This blog is primarily about jewellery but is also a diary of my blogging career and history with updates, including any setbacks.

Thanks for reading.

– Jahan

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Laughter is good. Laughter is healthy. Laughter helps you to make you successful. If you are laughing at this statement of mine, then hey “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED“, I made you laugh. I at least made you experience – no matter how short-lived – a positive emotional state which has immense health benefits. I have done something good and it will come back to me as karma is not just negative, something I briefly mentioned in a previous blog called “Do the right thing.”

Laughter has many benefits and I wrote about it earlier in this blog, click here to read. I also wrote about the famous Audrey Hepburn and how she spoke of the value she attached to humour and laughter in this blog, click here to read. So from time to time I will be showing pictures of famous figures and personalities engaged in laughter or at least smiling. Partially because it is infectious as you may find out yourself, and also to show that success and laughter are not exclusive. You do not have to be a mean workaholic to be successful!

Becoming successful does not mean being mean, greedy, and work-obsessed. You can be generous, kind and have fun.

Image source.

Today it is the turn of another Hollywood legend. He is known for his good looks but I respect him as an actor. One particular moment sticks out in my memory and that is when I was watching the film “Meeting Joe Black” with a friend of mine who is actually from Trinidad, an island in the Carribean

Meet Joe Black, one of Pitt's successes.

Image source.

Trinidad, a famous tourist destination in the Carribean. My Trinidadian friend was impressed with Brad Pitt's Carribean accent in "Meet Joe Black".


Image source.

I myself personally thought he was very good in Fight club, where he played a completely different character. One which was very intense and to an extent almost wild. Anyway so here will be pictures of Brad Pitt, doing what we should be doing every day, even if we have our own share of problems, and that is smiling and laughing.

Image source. 

Image source: USAtoday.com 

Image source. 

Image source. 

Image source: EW.com 

















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We are now living in an age of rapid change, including in the way we conduct ourselves, with our friends and families. All of this impacts business and advertising. A while back one of my mentors spoke about the “Follow me” generation.

The “follow me” generation refers to the fact that whereas in the past you may have gone to high school or college with someone, or work and then lose track of them this is less likely now (unless you consciously wish to) and keeping in touch is made far easier with social media such as facebook and twitter.

This is in comparison to the past where years if not whole decades could be spent without seeing old high school, university or even work friends, colleagues or so-called “friends” (e.g. those whom you would prefer not to see but can’t actually avoid or blank) which would often be done in the form of a school or college reunion and so on.

There would be “yearbooks” in which photos of students of that year would be compiled in to one book. Some would even look at these photos, reminisce, engage in nostalgia (or perhaps not, as not all memories were pleasant) and possibly even wonder what ever happened to those faces which they could see in their year book. However something happened which made those faces in their year book less mysterious, a yearbook became replaced with “facebook”, enabling people to keep in touch far more easily and effectively.

The following video has yearbook pictures of Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Ben Stiller, Bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, Eminem, George Clooney, Gywneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Hilary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Stefania Germanotta (Lady Gaga), Leonardo di Caprio, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and many other celebrities.

Year book photos of famous celebrities.

Source: http://www.awesomeblogisawesome.com/2011/07/hilarious-celebrity-yearbook-photos/

Now however a student of 14 will add friends to his facebook and keep in regular contact and know at the very least general details about his life, and most of us will know things such as if a person has got married or moved to another a country. The amount of detail that people give on facebook varies with some people having literally thousands of pictures of them and their friends on their accounts to those who only provide basic information and even those who are virtually non-active.

Some people do not believe in facebook or social media which is completely fine as it is their personal preference. The wider social reality is that the “follow me” generation has emerged and this has an impact on marketing and advertising, with people influenced by what they see and hear their friends do and buy. This is also part of a bigger overall process of increased communication, making the world smaller, the “global village” as if it were, a phrase used much more often a few years back. From now on the world may not be the same again, the “follow me” generation may become a permanent reality for those who chose to be part of it, and being able to influence one particular person may have an impact on their several, or dozen, or tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of followers on facebook and twitter. Celebrity endorsements have shown to be a very potent form of marketing and in this day and age when ordinary people can become “mini-celebrities” online in their own social circle or beyond their endorsements have far more power than before when they could only communicate one to one in person or over the phone, or a dozen people in a social gathering. The follow me generation has arrived.

– Jahan Choudhry

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In my previous posts I have spoken of how:

Change is possible, that you can start the business you wish, or expand the business you already have, or clear the huge debts that you have, or generally improve your situation.

See: https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/the-future-starts-now-part-2/

The power of the mind, which I will speak more about in the future, and how it is related to the body.

See https://jahanc.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/the-mind-and-body-are-connected/

Now I am going to talk about the first specific thing which you need to do.


Every successful thing, be it a person, building or organization is based on a very solid foundation. In order for you to be successful, or more for successful, you need to lay that mental foundation. The first thing which you must do is what we call “Self-acceptance”.

One of the best writers on this topic is Andrew Matthews in his work “Follow your heart”, which I actively encourage everyone to get a copy of and read.

Self-acceptance means accepting yourself as you are. It means removing the idea from your mind that there is something fundamentally wrong with you, or your life. There isn’t.

It means that you can look at yourself and say “there’s nothing wrong with me”.

You can be overweight, there’s nothing wrong with you.

You can be in debt, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Have no formal education, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Be single, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Have experienced great pain, be it financial, emotional or even physical, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Look at yourself and accept who you are. It doesn’t matter what you look like, whether your short, “ugly” (no one is ugly and everyone’s tastes are different), aging with white hair, divorced, not popular as others or anything.

Everyone has an issue.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, every person on this planet has an issue, or a cause for complaint. This could be the Royal family who may feel they are missing out in not knowing how ordinary people live and relate to most people, or be percieved as out of touch. If you look at the biographies of most successful people (a quick browse through wikipedia can do that) you will see that everyone of them was afflicted with a problem in some way.

What self-acceptance means…

What self acceptance means is that you unconditionally love and accept yourself for what and who you are. This is in the same way you would love a member of your family regardless of how successful they are, regardless of what they look like, what they wear, what job they do, how much pain they’ve gone through and so on. For you, their external appearance would be immaterial. This is how you should accept yourself.

You are you.

 There is only one you.

 No one else will be special enough to be you and to have experienced the unique combination of feelings, events, people, places that make up your life.

What self-acceptance doesn’t mean…

It does not mean not wishing to make yourself better. It does not mean that if you are overweight you don’t try to lose weight, what it does mean is you don’t hate yourself for being a bit plump. It doesn’t mean being happy about any failures you’ve experienced, but merely means it happened as such things happen to everyone but you love yourself and accept yourself in the way you would love and accept your brother or sister if the same happened to them.

It does not mean not trying to improve yourself. Far from it, you must always seek to improve yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up…

When you don’t accept yourself and look at yourself and say “Look at me..I am this, I am that…I am ugly, I am in debt…I’m useless at this….so and so is more popular than me in the office, why does he always say thank you to her and not to me! etc, etc” you are actually beating yourself and in some ways quite literally.

The thoughts and feelings that we have make an impact on the body and leave an effect even on our cells, which is why happy people are healthy people and sad people have weaker immune systems. When you look at yourself and tell yourself, your life is horrible, you are no good, the world is unfair, you don’t get this and you don’t get that you are hitting yourself, you are punching yourself and damaging yourself.

The fundamental non-acceptance of yourself and unhappiness with yourself is like a hole in a boat. No matter how much you try to do with that boat there will always be a leak until the hole is patched. So no matter how you try and improve yourself or do things, or read different books, or attend different seminars, that hole will always be there and you may wonder why despite all your attempts to make yourself feel better there will be an unexplainable factor which still makes you feel miserable.

In coaching there is a technique called the “Emotional Freedom Technique” which is a method of touching parts of your body whilst repeating an affirmation that you completely accept yourself. I knew someone who used to do this and in fact actually used to teach it, however it was quite clear that it was not working for them as they themselves did not truly believe in it. This technique however if applied correctly does work, however there is an easier way to get the same result and that is merely to accept yourself for who you are. There is nothing wrong with you.

Self-acceptance and branding…

This blog in addition to being a free personal coaching blog,  is also for business coaching. How does all this relate to the world of business?

Each person is a brand. Brands are not just multi-national companies or famous labels but also people. The ideas and image that people have of you is your brand image. In business in order to be successful you need to inspire people’s confidence. Companies such as Mercedes,  Cartier, and others spend millions on marketing and sustaining their brand, fortunately for you, you do not have to spend anything more than you normally would.

The first step in creating your own personal brand is to accept yourself for who you are. If you are unhappy with yourself, who and what you are it will on a very cellular level (even at times subconsciously) project itself and be seen by others. I will speak more about personal branding in the future, but suffice to say it does not mean having to look ultra-glamourous. Bill Gates is not as good looking (to most, appearance is completely subjective) to most as Brad Pitt, but Bill Gates is far, far wealthier and a successful business person.

Bill Gates, one of – if not the – richest men in the world.

Brad Pitt, more glamourous than Bill Gates but with a far weaker personal branding in the business world than Gates.

Looks, sex, race or anything similar are not important in creating your own successful personal business brand. Nor necessarily do you have to be super-intelligent, though of course you must be willing to learn and willing to work very hard.

Successful British business woman, Debbie Reynolds, on the right,  who started and now runs her own very set of successful sign language schools. Reynolds has hearing difficulties.

Health benefits…

However the fundamental reason for self-acceptance is not merely being successful in business, but the benefits it has on your overall life including your health. Self-acceptance will stop you from beating yourself and thus damaging yourself, your body and quite literally its cells will be more relaxed, and you will be calmer, more positive and more productive.

Self-acceptance is the first step on your road to success.

– Jahan Choudhry.


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