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Here is my map of visitors to my site as of today.

A map of visitors to my site from around the world.

A map of visitors to my site from around the world.

As this is an English-language blog naturally the largest officially English speaking country in the world, the United States has the most visitors to my blog with 23,731 at the time of writing.

The USA has the largest number of visitors to my site.

The USA has the largest number of visitors to my site.

However there is one part of the USA in particular which has more visitors than any other country except the United Kingdom. Have a guess. Well it’s the “golden state”, California.

On the west coast of the USA

On the west coast of the USA

Image source.

California, called "the golden state" in the USA

California, called “the golden state” in the USA

Image source.

If California was a separate country than only Britain and the rest of the USA would have more visitors to my site.

California by itself has 4,312 visitors more than any other country including Germany, Canada, Australia and many others.

California tops the list of US states in terms of visitors to my site

California tops the list of US states in terms of visitors to my site

In recognition of this I would like to say the following three words.


You have beaten your nearest competitors in terms of visitors to my site, New York on the east coast.

New York

New York

Image source.

Some time ago I did a blog post on Wyoming which was at that time the US state with the lowest number of visitors to my site, so I decided to say hello to them, hence the blog “Hello Wyoming”, which you can read here.

That seem to do the trick as Wyoming is no longer on the bottom of the list of American states but it is now in fact North Dakota.

Anyway coming back to California, the golden state. I would like once again to say thank you to all my readers from that state and to let you know that you have had more people from your lovely state read my blog than countries such as Australia, Germany, Brazil, India, France, Italy and many others.

So once again, thank you California!

– Jahan

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Many bloggers how they can increase the number of people visiting their site or “traffic”.

One key thing which you must do is to provide “value”. What do I mean  by “value”? Value essentially means that there is a difference in the reader before and after the 5 or so minutes they spend reading your page. After reading your page they know something useful which they can apply in their lives which they didn’t.

Provide value to your readers

Provide value to your readers

So for example beautiful images, great quotes, funny pictures are great. People may love them and you may even get tens of thousands of hits from them. However depending on what sort of niche you are in, especially if it’s business-related you will need to provide the “V-word”, yes you got it right, that word…value.

So for example do you think the following are of “value” to the reader i.e. useful knowledge which can practically help the reader?

– What you had for breakfast today?

– Your favourite colour?

– Your opinion on whether human beings will ever colonize Mars?

Well, obviously no. Even if your reader learns the answer to this, how can they actually apply this knowledge?

Things of value are often connected to “How to…?”. For example if you can show your reader how to do something which they want to then that is of value. So if you wrote about.

– How to do something technical.

– How to cook something.

– How to make some sort of money in some way be it investment, business ideas and so on.

– How to be healthier.

Then all of those things would immediately be classified as things of value. In this blog for instance some of the following blogs help readers learn how to do certain things.

How to use windows movie maker part 1.

How to use windows movie maker part 2.

How to use Google images.

How to use snipping tool.

How to insert links on wordpress.

So make sure you have things of value in your blog posts that will help readers learn how to do things which they don’t know how to.

I hope you have found this useful.

Feel free to ask questions.

Have a great day!

– Jahan

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To be a successful blogger you need to be organized.

Well to be successful in anything you need to be organized you might say, yes? You’re totally right. So why should blogging be any different.

Shouldn’t blogging be fun, why so serious?

Blogging can be and should be fun.

Blogging can be and should be fun.

Image source.

Blogging should be fun and personally I enjoy it immensely. However blogging is fun and should be fun but it can also help you to pay the bills, help you to pay for things you want to buy your children. How so? There are different ways to monetize your blog and this includes people paying you for advertising (which is not possible on wordpress.com but possible on wordpress.org) and things such as adsense.

However if you do not want to do that and to remain unpaid or the non-monetary satisfaction you derive from people all over the world reading what you have produced is sufficient reward in itself that is fine.

However if you want to get a lot of traffic it is better to be organized.

To do lists.

Have a to do list.

Read my blog, “when you plan you can”.

Think of topics you want to write about.

How do you think of such topics?

Here are some tips.

– Maybe a blog expanding on a question a reader had.

– Maybe on something interesting that has happened to you (if it is a personal blog, mine isn’t that personal).

– Maybe on an interesting image.

–  On a piece of news related to your blog e.g. I blog about news related to jewellery.

Then ideally set a date (I haven’t put dates in my to do list below, because I am not yet sure of my exact routine this week but I have already done 37 blogs this month but you should put a date.)

I also put a “status” column, where you can say whether the blog has been done or half done. You should also write what date you completed the blog so you can see the gap between your target end dates and your actual end dates and work towards improving that.

Read this blog which talks about the importance of targets.

So have a look at my to do list.


These are the things I will write about.

NB: Since this is primarily going to be a jewellery site I might write about some events related to the world of jewellery in the meantime.

I have a column for the task/blog (task can mean to contact someone or something technical but blog-related), then a column for the target date (which I haven’t put in this time) and then a column for status.

I would encourage all of my fellow bloggers out there to have a blogging to do list to enable them to blog more and better.

I hope you have found this useful and have a great day!

– Jahan

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This is part 2 of how to use windows movie maker. To read part 1, click here.

In part 1 I spoke about:

a: How to open movie maker.

b: How to upload videos in to it.

c: How to put pictures.

If you have no idea how to use movie maker you should really read part 1 before you read this. Anyway here I will tell you how to add music to your video.

In most windows computers there should be a sample video pre-installed. Go to the folder which says “Sample videos”

Click on this folder.

Click on this folder.

My sample video is a wildlife video, yours might be the same or might not but double click on it regardless and it will go on to your video.

Double click on the video with a left click.

Double click on the video with a left click.

Your video will then look like this, on the right hand side (see the orange yellow) you will be shown your video.

You now have the sample video clip in your movie maker.

You now have the sample video clip in your movie maker.

If you like the music in this video, fine. However if you want to change it, first you can silence the existing music by going to the edit button and turning the sound off as shown in the picture below.

The orange arrow shows the "Edit Tab" which you click on first, and the blue arrow shows the sound control which you reduce to 0.

The orange arrow shows the “Edit Tab” which you click on first, and the blue arrow shows the sound control which you reduce to 0.

Now that there is no sounds on the video, to add music you click on the “Add Music” icon as shown below.

To get music click on the icon shown.

To get music click on the icon shown.

Once you do that you will get a menu with a range of options including chosing a music file from “AudoMicro”, “Free Music Archive” and also “Vimeo”, you can click on any of these and then look for a file which has the sound or music that you want. Or you can go and chose a music file already on your PC. Once you do that you have the video clip and music for your new video and hey presto, you have your video!

A pop up menu appears with different choices.

A pop up menu appears with different choices.

As Hollywood would say “THE END”.

Looking for audio files/music to put in to your videos.

However what if you cannot find the music file you are looking for?

Well there are different ways you can find them and download them on to your computer.

One of the easiest is this way is to go to Youtube and look for a file that you like.

For example you can type the words “Relaxing music”.

Type in the name of the song or type of music/sound you are looking for.

Type in the name of the song or type of music/sound you are looking for.

When you have chosen the video you like, copy and paste the URL i.e. the webpage addresss which would look like this for instance:


Then go to http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

Type in the URL (address of the webpage i.e. youtube video) you like anad click on “Convert Video” and then after a short time you will have a new audio file (sound only, no pictures) of that youtube on your computer which you can then put in to your videos.

After pasting the URL, click on "Convert Video".

After pasting the URL, click on “Convert Video”.

I hope you have found this useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great day!

– Jahan

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This will be my 36th blog this month and will beat my current record of 34 blogs in one month!

Click here to read about the 34 posts I did in one month, last February. I actually ended up doing 35 posts that month, until now my highest ever.


There was however a difference.

Last February each post had to be 300 words minimum.

This time I did not impose any such restriction and have had some pictures as well.

Breaking my record feels great and it should hopefully lead to more readers.

In life you only get what you put in. Success does not come through anything but hard work.

I want to get lots of readers for my blog, who will eventually buy my book which I will publish and also buy products from my jewellery site. However at the least the fact that people are reading and benefitting from what I write would give me immense pleasure too.

Have a great day!

– Jahan

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In my previous blog, I spoke of how to use Google images, click here to read.

Now this is a very, very simple thing to do for some. However for those who don’t know they will want some sort of advice, set of instructions on how to do that thus I have attempted to that and I hope many find it useful.

In this blog I am going to speak about how to use printscreen.

What is printscreen?

Printscreen is simple it means capturing your computer screen and what it looks like. So let me just copy this image right now…and show you!



So if you look (click for a bigger view) of the picture above you will see exactly everything that I see on my screen.

That is a printscreen.


Why is printscreen useful?

Printscreen is useful for a variety of different reasons. You can use it to record things from your computer which you may want to look at later. You can also use it to show people e.g. helpline support or others the problems your computer may be facing by emailing a picture of what your printscreen looks like.


How do you make a printscreen?

It is very, very easy.

You simply press the “Alt”  button at the bottom of your screen and then press the  printscreen button which sometimes just has “Prtsc” written on it, which is on the top right hand side of the keyboard.


Image source.

You can then save this image on “paint” or any other similar programme for pictures.


How to do a printscreen on Toshiba.

For  some Toshiba computers/laptops you press the “FN” button on the bottom left and the “End” button on the top right (which underneath the “End” word may say Prtsc in blue).



You can edit or “crop” some of the printscreen.

If you have a printscreen you do not necessarily have to have the whole screen displayed but you can cut out or trim, or as they say “crop” some of the printscreen to make it smaller.

So let’s look at this printscreen of this Wikipedia page.


This is Wikipedia’s article on the Mona lisa.

Let’s say you don’t want the text but just the box with the Mona Lisa and the text around it.

1. You make a printscreen (i.e. press Alt and Printscreen button).

2. Save it on MS paint.

3. Click on the “select” tab on the top-left hand side of the paint screen.



4. Then move the mouse cursor over the part of the screen you want to show i.e. in this case the Mona Lisa, and once selected you can right-click and  copy it.



You can also us “crop” it using the crop tab which allows you to cut out parts of the image you don’t want.

Now that you have saved or copied the Mona Lisa image (or any image you may have chosen) you can paste it somewhere else.






Please remember this image and text is the property of Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mona_Lisa and cannot be reproduced against their wishes.

I have merely used this for educational purposes.


I hope you have found this article useful and have a great day!

– Jahan

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