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In this blog I’d like to talk about someone whom I have immense respect for and a great degree of admiration. In fact he doesn’t even know I am writing this! So when he reads it, it will hopefully be a pleasant surprise for him. However before I do that. Let me talk about the phrase “Do the right thing”.

“Do the right thing”

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What do I mean by “Do the right thing?” In order to understand this you have to understand a little bit about me, however what I am going to tell you is nothing unique to me and something many can relate to me. I had seen in my life that often people were nice and “did the right thing” but did not seem to be rewarded for it or seem to succeed. In fact I remember going to one training seminar and airing the question “do nice guys finish last”. This was a Bruce King seminar (click here if for a previous blog I did about him). Bruce, if you have ever attended any of his talks, is a very practical person and to the point, very much grounded in reality and common sense without any excessive shpeel and so on. His answer was no they don’t and he gave reasons. I am sure all of us at certain time have “done the right thing” or been “nice” and not been rewarded for it or even in fact seem to have suffered from it. There are others out there who will say the world is a rough place, so you too must be ruthless, tough and “cut corners”.

Anthony Charles, a former mentor of mine. A great guy!

I haven’t said this to Anthony in so many words, so it may surprise him a little. However amongst some of the key things I learnt from him is that “Nice guys do not finish last” and you do not have to be “ruthless” (a euphemism for quite a few things) to be successful. Doing coaching and mentoring with him I changed. I felt more at ease with things and less critical of things if they did not turn out the way I wanted. We are all familiar with karma and the statement that “What goes around, comes around”, well I personally very much believe that and have experienced it. However for most of us that statement is for negative things, that is people will get their comeuppance for misdeeds they have commited! However what I have learnt and also experienced is this.

What goes around, comes around = is also for the good that you do.

What goes around comes around, including the hard work and positive things you do, though perhaps not when and where you want it exactly.

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Now this does not necessarily mean you do something nice for someone and you will see an immediate reward. The person whom you help may even be ungrateful to you or in fact downright nasty. Some misinterpret kindess as weakness or naivete. However  in the long run this good that you did will come back to you sometime in the future, not maybe from that person or that project but something completely unrelated. This realization helps us to remove any bitterness or resentment that we may have for not getting the respect, appreciation or benefits that we feel we are due as a result of doing something positive.

Even my voice changed, meaning the tone when I spoke was different. Friends observed that I sounded calmer, more grounded and sure of myself, which I was! This is a huge topic and deserves to be expanded on and in the future I will talk about Australian writer, Andrew Matthews, whose work I greatly admire.

However once again another thanks to Anthony. Anthony is currently working on Team Titanium, which is about helping people to develop their business skills and small businesses. I wish him good luck! Especially at a time when the UK is in recession and people are finding it difficult but also with London busying itself for hosting the Olympics in a few months. 2012 is an important year for the British economy and for London in particular including potential small businesses who will need as much help as they can. Anthony himself was involved in projects and work in the past to help regenerate and develop parts of East London, including the areas which will be home to the Olympics.

London, the financial centre of Europe, an image of Canary Wharf. Team Titanium is looking to help people deal with the recession and grow their businesses.

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The river Thames, London will be hosting the Olympics in a few months which will have an impact on the UK economy.

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The Olympic Stadium in London, as the city hosts the 2012 Olympics.

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–  Jahan Choudhry

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