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I, Jahan Choudhry, am not a millionaire, but I am in fact a billionaire.

Let me elaborate on how I am a billionaire.

According to Forbes there are 1,426 billionaires in the world. Click here to read the article.



1. Carlos Slim

According to this article, Mexico’s Carlos Slim is currently the richest man on earth.

Slim started off his professional life as a trader and went on to become a tycoon in many different fields including construction, food, mining and many other sectors.



2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the universally known founder of Microsoft, a company whose operating system is on most computers around the world from California to Canberra.



3. Amancio Ortega.

Third in this list came Spain’s Amancio Ortega, Europe’s richest man. Ortega is a self-made billionaire who started off from humble beginnings in Spain’s Galicia region to develop global fashion giant, Zara.


So am I one of these 1,426 official billionaires and do I hob-knob with the likes of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega and the other thousand or so billionaires in the world? Do I play golf with Carlos Slim and say “Carlos, mi querido amigo Mexicano que tal?” (Carlos, my dear Mexican friend, how’s things) or do I play cards with Bill Gates and say “Yo Billy Boy, howya doing?” or do I have barbecues with Amanico Ortega and say “Amancio, Hey wassup?”. Am I on first name terms with such people.

No I am not.

Nor do I necessarily desire to be, not that there is anything wrong with that and I am share there is much I can learn from them.

So the question is how am I a billionaire?

Wealth is measured in assets

Wealth is measured not just in monetary terms in  the sense of dollars or pounds or any other currency but in what you own. Many people do not even have a million dollars or pounds in terms of money but have a house, business or other properties which are accumulatively worth over a million and are thus considered millionaires. They are thus considered millionaires due to their assets.

I, just like you too, have assets which I regard as worth  more than a billion dollars. These include some loved ones who if I had to chose between a billion dollars and them I would instantly in a heart beat without hesitation chose them. So of course would you. They are more important to me than yachts, private jets, lavish villas or anything else. Thus I am a billionaire.

I, Jahan Choudhry, am a billionaire.

Being aware of this fact and appreciating the true wealth in my life allows me to put things in their proper perspective and allows me to be very grateful for what I have and of course to naturally realize monetary wealth and physical assets are not everything. I am sure Carlos Slim would give up one billion dollars to regain the wife he lost in 1999, Soumaya.

slim wife

Slim’s late wife, Soumaya, before her death.

Image source.

I am sure all of us would do the same. A loved on is an asset worth more than a billion dollars and all of us have loved ones whose lives are more precious to us than any replaceable or even irreplacable (e.g. unique pieces or art) physical objects. Thus I am a billionaire with assets, loved ones, worth billions, and so are you.


I am a billionaire.

You too are a billionaire.

Appreciate what you have, cherish it and smile.

Have a great day and thank you for reading.


– Jahan Choudhry, billionaire.

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