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Ric Jayson Abasola a.k.a Black Helios is following my blog.

I would like to thank him for doing so and have written this article so everyone can know a bit more about him and his blog and hopefully visit it.

His website is http://blackhelios.wordpress.com or just click here to go there.

Ric is from the Philippines, which has the 11th highest number of visitors to my site and quite a few of my facebook contacts.



The flag of the Philippines.

 He is a journalism student and has 859 followers and in a minute I am going to join and become his 860th follower! I particularly like his quote of the day which is “Copying from a single source is called plagiarism, copying from multiple source is called research.”  The standard response to that would be is that “research” involves massing all or a lot of the known knowledge or literature on a subject and comparing it, thus comparison aspect of that showing your individuality in your ability to critically analyze and weigh things up. But hey, enough of me getting too “academic”! Let’s just enjoy some images from Ric’s webpage from his blog about a visit to the Majayjay falls in the Philippines. 


 – Jahan Choudhry

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Yesterday, the 29th of June 2012, was a great day for my  blog because it was my best day for people joining up to my site as followers as well as people liking me. A big thank you to all those who did.

Things such as this reward writers like myself for all the hard work and time which we devote to our sites.

Below is an image from my admin page.

So I have gained over 5,000 contacts on my facebook, and now over 50,000 views on my site and at the moment of writing 14 followers.

14 followers is a tiny sum in comparison to the other blogs out there, including the blogs of some of my followers, but as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

However where I am lacking is in the field of comments.

Once a blog has articles or even just one article that stimulates enough interest or even rage, joy or any other strong emotion for one person to write a comment, than the chance that someone else will comment increases. If several comment that is great but if dozens comment that is fantastic and has great SEO benefits for the blog. Hang on a minute, what did I just say there? SEO. What’s that?

Ok let me explain, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search Engines are things like Google (the most famous example), Yahoo, Ask, Lycos and so forth which help you to find websites that have the things you are looking for, and optimization as many of you will know simply means making something as good as it possibly can, so SEO means making something appear as high on Google or other search engines as possible. Hey, you got it!

Popular search engines.

 Image source. So for those of who you read what I write, and want to take a few seconds even if it is just to write one or two words you are more than welcome. As for some of you who follow my site, I will write posts telling everyone whom you are and they can go and read your site too! – Jahan Choudhry

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I have a new follower for my  blog. From  now on I will be doing articles on some of the people who are following my blog, which is around 8 in total (which is not that much at all compared to many other blogs). Anyway my new blog follower is Patrick Latter from Canada, whose blog is: http://hikingphoto.com

I checked the blog out and have asked him for permission to display some of his photos on this blog.

Patrick is  a programmer from Calgary, Canada who has a passion for photography and hiking. The photographs I am showing here are from his blog: http://hikingphoto.com,

Photograph, the work of Patrick Latter. Please click to see a bigger view. The original is on http://hikingphoto.com


Photograh, the work of Patrick Latter. Please click on the photo for a clearer view. The original is on: http://hikingphoto.com


Patrick Latter.

 If you go to the about section of his blog (click here) you will see that – at the time of writing – he has 408 followers (including myself) compared to my 8, and 415 comments on his about page! Very impressive and well done, and I am happy that he has chosen to follow my blog. If anyone else choses to follow my blog and if I have the time I may write about them and display some of their work here too. Have a great day everyone! – Jahan Choudhry

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I have achieved a landmark.

I have reached over 50,000 views on my blog.

I have had visitors from from approxiately 179 countries (if I counted correctly) which you can see if you click on the world map on the top right hand of the blog or just click on this link: http://www2.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=https://jahanc.wordpress.com

The top 9 countries are: The USA, the UK, India, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Germany and Brazil.

Below is a breakdown of these 9 top countries.

1. The USA

At the time of writing, 11,447 views with the top area being none other than the golden state, California with 1,865 views.

San Diego, California, the “Golden State”, which has the highest number of visitors to my site from the USA.

 Image source.

 2. The United Kingdom


 The United Kingdom is at no.2 behind the USA at 6,079 views. My clustrmap shows “Southwark” (perhaps the location of the internet service provider rather than the location of actual readers) as the top area for views to my site in the UK. 

 3. India


 3rd is the second largest country in the world and possibly the country with more English-speakers than any other, India, with 1,901 views. Out of those my map shows that Maharashtra leads the way with 404 views. Maharashatra is the state which is home to India’s commcercial centre, Mumbai.


 4. Canada


 No 4 is Canada, with 1,717 views and the state of Ontario leading the way with 854 views. 

5. Australia


 Australia is at no.5 with 1,261 views and Victoria ranks first with 441 views. 

 6. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has 956 views with 214 views from Noord Holland in first place. After the first five states, the US, UK, India, Canada and Australia, the Netherlands is the first country which does not have English as an official language as India has English as an official language and probably more people can speak English (to varying degrees) in India than even the US.

Amsterdam in Noord Holland, in the Netherlands.

 Image source, photograph by Hossein Mahboubi. 

 7. Italy


 No. 7 and the first major country where English is not spoken widely is Italy, as even the Netherlands (Holland) has English spoken widely through out the country and the Dutch are historically, racially and lingusistically related to the English. The English made a Dutchman, William of Orange, their King a few centuries ago and Dutch is the closest major language to English . The Italian province of Lombardy is in first place in terms of Italian visitors with 167 views out of 747 Italian views. 

 8. Germany


 Germany has 734 views and the area with my most German visitors is the “Lander” (state) of North-Rhine Westphalia the largest state in Germany in terms of population.


Image source. 

 9. Brazil


After Italy, Brazil is the second country in my top ten where English is not widely spoken (English is spoken very well by nearly every educated German) and has 680 views with 242 of them from Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo at dusk.

 Image source. Now I have gained over 50,000 views which may seem impressive to some but when you consider that for example other websites for instance get 3,000 views a day it would only take them 17 days to get what I have achieved in around 2 years. However, nevertheless, it is still an achievement. If I have done it once, I can do it again and I intend to repeat it. However I don’t plan to repeat it once but twenty times so that I will get a million views to my blog (presently on this url ultimately to be transferred to http://jewelleryica.com). Target; 1 million views. Can I do it? Yes, I can. I have the capability and it is impossible providing I work hard and blog consistently and produce quality. 50,000 views is 20 times of 2,500 views and I reached 2,500 views 7 months after I first started blogging. Since that time I have duplicated this 2,500 views 2o times over and I can repeat the same process with my new amount of 50,000 views. By the way here is my proof that I have indeed achieved over 50,000 views on my blog:


 Thank you for reading and have a great day. – Jahan Choudhry

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This was from one of my facebook contacts and I am sharing it with you now. It has proven to be the most popular picture I have ever posted on my facebook so far, with 50 shares at the time of writing.

I feel the reason for this is that the message is simple but resonates with us all.

So often we do good, help others and do not get the gratitude which we feel we are entitled to deserve. Whilst not negating we do deserve to be thanked, and we ourselves should thank others who help us we should remember that the primary reason we help others out is because it is the right thing to do. Being a good person is a reward in itself.

Ultimately however doing the right thing will pay off and you will see the benefits i.e. “positive karma”, as I explained in a previous blog, “Do the right thing”.

– Jahan Choudhry

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The biggest European sporting and perhaps cultural event of the year started a few days ago.

I speak of nothing other than the European football championships, where the nations of Europe gather every 4 years to compete with each other and to be proclaimed as the champions of Europe. The current champions are Spain. The 2008 victory by Spain marked the end of years of football drought where the much talented Spaniards acclaimed for their style and flair had unfortunately never won the international titles which their style of football and its quality made them deserve to.

Spain win Euro 2008, and end their decades of not winning any international trophies.

 Image source. This confirmation that they could indeed win trophies then it seems contributed to the Spaniards then 2 years later go on to doing something even bigger and making themselves the champions of the world in the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Spain defeat Portugal in the 2010 world cup.






The ball passes the line the Dutch defenders and Iniesta look on, as does the rest of the world with billions watching.

 Image source. 




Iniesta and his team mates celebrate the winning goal.

 Image source. 






 The reigning World and European champions start the defence of their European championship tonight in their game against 4 times world cup winners, Italy.

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I am back!

I have been on a break from my blog due to working on various other projects and commitments but now I will be posting more regularly. In February I wrote 35 blogs and quadrupled my traffic from 42 to 168 hits a day.

On the week ending January 22 2021 I had 42 hits per day and then 4 weeks later on the week ending February 26 2012 I had 168. See the image below:

A quadrupling or 400% increase in traffic within 4 weeks.

A quadrupling or 400% increase in traffic within 4 weeks.

 To read more about that month, February and all my blogs there please click on these links: 1:  Target 34 posts for February. 2: My first 10 blogs in February. 3: My second 10 blogs, i.e when I reached 20. 4: I wrote 5 blogs, each 300 words +, in one day. 5: 30 blogs done, with 4 left and one day to go. 6: 34  blogs written, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Now due to lack of blogging, remember CONSISTENCY IS VITAL, my traffic has gone done as you can see in the image below. I am currently on 262 hits per day this month, whereas I was on 313 in April

 Now success comes about through three things and they are namely: 1. Hard work. 2. More hard work. 3. …and more hard work. Providing you are working hard on something which will actually produce results and not merely waste your time. If I had kept on my February work rate of an average of over one blog per day (I wrote 35 blogs in 29 days which is 35 / 29 = 1.2 blogs a day) and quadrupled my traffic every month it could (nothing can be guaranteed except for death, and some say “taxes”) look like this: End of February: 168 hits per day. End of March: 672 hits per day. End of April:  2,688 hits per day. End of  May: 10,752 hits per day. End of June: 43,008 hits per day. End of July: 172,032 hits per day. End of August: 688,128 hits per day. End of September: 2.7 million hits per day (i.e. 2,752,512). Would that have happened? As I said, there is no guarantee that it would have happened, but however would my traffic have gone up immensely, we can safely say almost certainly. The real world does not work as mathematically neat as the scenario above. There are always ups and downs and nothing is predictable, however my traffic would definitely have increased a lot. Why am I saying all this? To prove the value of hard work. You only get what you put in. Input = Output. Work hard…and then work hard….and then work hard. – Jahan Choudhry

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