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General Q & A

I have been taking time out from my blog recently as I have been quite busy and also involved in a certain project. I am now back however and will be resuming updating this website regularly.

I have been getting visitors from all across the world from around – at the time of writing – 78 countries.  To see the complete list, please click on this link: http://www2.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=https://jahanc.wordpress.com

This is a link to the map which is on the right hand side of this site with many red dots indicating the location of visitors to the site. If you are not sure of exactly what I am referring to please look at this image:

If you right click on this map you will see the current record of visitors to the blog and the countries where they originate from. 

Search words

There are many different words and phrases which people are typing on google that brings them to my site.  These include phrases such as “professionals and executives”, “how to be successful at my job”, “removing rubbish from mind” and “how is the mind and body connected” and many others.  I am therefore setting up a general “Q&A” (questions and answers) page where you can ask me any general question which you have and I will try to provide you with some feedback.

If I get lots of questions and they cover lots of differing areas I will then start subject-specific Q&A pages where you can ask me about that particular topic, and I might even bring in a guest writer to address them.


“If you don’t ask, you will never learn.”




– Jahan Choudhry

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